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CONTENTS Welcome to Wandering Camera project!

My name is Peter Sobolev and I am a great fan of digital photography.
I have been taking pictures of St.Petersburg since 1997. Now this site contains about 400 albums with thousands of pictures of St.Petersburg historic center, its vicinities, suburbs etc. Much more than a typical tourist would be able to see. I kindly invite you to explore my collection of photos. Most of albums have comments in English. If you have any questions please contact me at: frog@enlight.ru

Summer, 2005

370. Chesmen church and palace. "Zenith" cinema. Hotel "Rossiya", Moskovskiy Victory Park.
369. White nights - up-stream of Neva

Spring, 2005

368. Finland: Helsinki - Rich people's houses
367. Finland: Helsinki - Zoo
366. Sweden: Stockholm

365. Finland: Military aviation museum near Jyvaskyla
364. Young Spectators Theatre and Pionerskaya square
363. Gromovskoye cemetery and its suburbs

Winter, 2004-2005

362. Russian museum: interiors. Part III
361. Russian museum: interiors. Part II
360. Russian museum: interiors. Part I
359. K-5 "Blue dacha": interiors
358. K-5 "Blue dacha": exteriors
357. Hotel "Karelia". Kalinina square. Two buildings near "sq.Alexandra Nevskogo" metro station
356. Housing estate 5th GES "Red October", Obuhovskiy factory, River-boat station and hotel "Rechnaya"
355. "Sosnovka" manor, modern buildings on the right bank of Neva river
354. Obuhovskoy oboroni prospect, Tkachey street, Krasnyh Zor boulevard, Krupskoy House of Culture, Palevsky blocks
353. Obuhovskoy oboroni prospect: Nevsky factory, Nevsky house of culture
352. Elagin palace
351. Petergoff after the New Year
350. Moscovsky victory park

Autumn, 2004

349. Petergoff - Oranienbaum
348. Petergoff: Alexandira park. Part II
347. Petergoff: Alexandria park. Part I
346. Peter and Paul fortress. Winter Palace
345. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part III
344. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part II
343. Finland: Aviation Museum near Vanta. Part I
342. Finland: Tampere - bird's eye view. Between Tampere and Helsinki
341. Finland: Tampere - city and museum of steam engines
340. Finland: Raseborg fortress

Summer, 2004

339. White nights: Aleksandro-Nevskaya Lavra
338. White nights: Marsovo field. Along the Neva.
337. White nights: Along the Fontanka river. From Nevsky prospect to the Moyka river
336. Krestovsky island: Stadium "Dynamo" and around, some modern buildings
335. Rosenstaina and Skapina streets. "Litovskiy" (Lithuanian) market and around

Spring, 2004

334. Spring collection: Rumyancev, Troickaya, Dekabristov square, Sosnovo
333. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part IV
332. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part III
331. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part II
330. Yusupov Palace interiors. Part I
329. Ushakov flyover road junction
328. Bazanov's house. Part II
327. Bazanov's house. Part I
326. From Tuchkov bridge to Birzevoy bridge. Views from Makarov's embankment. Tuchkov buyan. Lions.

Winter, 2003-2004

325. Winter collection 2003-2004
324. Dekabristov square: Bronze Horseman, Isaac cathedral
323. Lesnoy prospect: Up to Academic Lebedev street
322. Lesnoy prospect: Nobel's profitable house
321. Lesnoy prospect: Vyborgskaya metro station, Fire-station, Nobel's houses
320. Lesnoy prospect: Railway bridge, SKA diving pool, Institute of Physical Culture
319. Lesnoy prospect: Bateninskiy residental area
318. Lesnoy prospect: Crossing the Kantemirovskaya street
317. Pavlovsk: Bip fortress
316. Sadovaya street, Griboyedova canal
315. Neva river and winter extreme
314. Other IFMO suburbs
313. IFMO and it's suburbs including Planetarium, Music-hall, Theatre
312. St.Stanislav's church, Pryazka embankment, Angliyskiy prospect
311. Big Horal Synagogue: inside
310. Big Horal Synagogue: outside
309. Ivangorod and Narva: Fortress
308. Ivangorod: "Parusinka" district
307. Kingisepp
306. Return to Koporye fortress
305. Gostilicy
304. The park of  "300-th anniversary of St.Petersburg". January, 1. Morning
303. Peter-and-Paul fortress, new ship-like restaurant, Neva, spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Winter Palace
302. Views from the Gostiny courtyard: Voroncovsky palace, Nevsky prospect

Autumn, 2003

302. Views from the Gostiny courtyard: Voroncovsky palace, Nevsky prospect
301. Buildings along Bolshaya Nevka embankments
300. Golovin's dacha
299. Abrasive factory "Ilyich"
298. Svetlanovskaya square. Railrod. Serdobolskaya and Beloostrovskaya streets
297. Ivanovskaya street, Sortirovochnaya railway station, Slavi prospect
296. Volodarsky bridge, monument to V.Volodarsky, Nevsky district administration building
295. Pesochnaya and Lazareva embankment, suburbs
294. View of Kamenny and Krestovsky islands from Pesochnaya embankment
293. Konevets island: Kazansky and Konevsky cells, chapel on the Horse-rock, shores
292. Konevets island: Monastery suburbs and Uspenskaya chapel
291. Konevets island: Monastery
290. Konevets island: Arrival
289. Three houses on Bolshaya Zelenina street
288. LDM
287. Valday: Iverskiy monastery. Part II
286. Valday: Iverskiy monastery. Part I
285. Valday: Town
284. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Interiors. Part II
283. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Interiors. Part I
282. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Before and after reconstruction
281. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Around the palace
280. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Park
279. "Congress Palace" in Strelna: Suburbs

Previous albums...

City snapshots:

-. 2006: January
-. 2005: January, March, May (City Day), June, October pI and p.II, November, December
-. 2004: April p.I and p.IIMay, November, February, December
-. 2003: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Most interesting in St.Petersburg:

-. Die Paläste  
-. Kirchen: Teil 1, Teil 2
-. Bauwerke: 1703-1840 , 1840-1917 , 1917-1960 , 1960-1989.


-. About author of "Wandering Camera" project
-. Background
-. FAQ
-. Links related to the St.Petersburg and suburbs 

History of St.Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad):

-. Vyborg. 1979.
-. Parks of Oranienbaum. 1979.
-. Piskarevsky memorial, 1961.
-. Leningrad. To the Olympiad-1980

Additional photo and more:

-. North Korea (DPRK)
-. Thailand
-. Finland
-. Belarus
-. Kazan
-. Vladivostok
-. Panoramas  (Java required)
-. Moscow: Caricino, Monorail , Aliye Parusa
-. Big (high resolution) free photos
-. Manholes covers of St.Petersburg and suburbs: Part I, Part II,  Part III
-. Ukraine: Energodar (Ukraine) , Zaporoziye/DneproGES, Crimea: Part I, Part II
-. Тhe road St.Petersburg - Crimea
-. Wandering Camera exhibition in Dallas Opera, USA

Guests' albums:

-. Photo by Dmitry Korostelev (Habarovsk-Komsomolsk road) (1 album)
-. Photo by Dmitry Avdeev (St.Petersburg) (1 album)
-. Photo by Dmitry Kroupski (Pskov) (1 album)
-. Photo by Denis Elshin (Kiev, Ukraine) (1 album)
-. Photo by Igor Vanin (Metro of St.Petersburg) (1 album)
-. Photo by Anton Zeltikov (1 album)
-. Photo by Dmitry Budnik (4 albums)
-. Photo by Vitaly Lunev (19 albums)
-. Photo by Vladislav Sorokin (5 albums)
-. Photo by Oleg Lvov (3 albums)
-. Photo by Ivan Mazurenko (1 album)
-. Notes by Dmitry Miheev (1 album)
-. Project by Alexey Semenov



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