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Spending so much time sitting in front of the computer as I do, anyone will try to seek for something fresh and different. Any insignificant event that is capable to break this monotony of life brings a lot of joy and fun. One of the best ways to relax after the number of hours spent with computer is to have a walk on the streets of our beautiful city. Though, I'm not alone in this opinion. The matter is that some time ago I've purchased not the worst digital camera (AGFA ePhoto 307 and, later - AGFA ePhoto 1280, later - Nikon Coolpix 950, now - Nikon Coolpix 5700). There are no doubts that I'm not a photographer at all but, in the other hand, I do not aspire to anything :) Looking at the very first shots I've got surprised how many interesting details are left out with no attention if I just look around walking in the street. Anyway, I've decided to make some shots that may seem to be interesting (mainly, there should the sights of our beautiful city), put some comments, relevant or not, and bring all this on the web. I don't think anybody will feel harmed by this but as for me it is going to be interesting to take look backwards later. I suppose to make the issues of two sorts. One group will contain the shots having something common in the chronology or location. Another group is going to be some diverse collection of the shots that were not included into any of the branches of the first group.

I don't want to promise anything about periodical or scheduled issues but sometimes I will add some new stuff. One more thing that is worthy to be mentioned - if you will obtain any silly mistakes in the names, titles or text, please don't be angry and just report about this. By the way, it is very interesting for me to hear from you and have some feedback that is supposed to let me know whether it is worthy to be continued.

It is the right place to express my credits to RCom ISP that have offered initial support of this project, "Liniya Svyazi" ISP, IAC  and to LEIVO where www.enlight.ru is being hosted. And great thanks to my friends and specially to Alexey Piyalkin for the ideas and spiritual support. Thank to Sergey Kozhin and Maria Gracheva for the help addressed to the Editor who was mentioned above :) , to Sergey Tikhomirov, Vladimir Beshenkov, Victor Varganov, Dimitri Suchin, Vladislav Sorokin, Vitaly Lunev, Oksana Pritula, Alexey Saveliev, Alexey Kamensky and others for the additional comments to the shots.

English version by: Svetlana Guzeeva, Grigori Melnik, Sergey A. Maslyakov, D. Mosesian, Light, Ilya Saprykin, Dmitry Yakimov, Victoria Terarsenian, Nadya Mouzykina, Larissa Rogacheva, Maxim Shablygin, Yaroslava Yingling, Lilya Sultanova, Nina Mamayeva, Lev Kaufeldt, Polina Korchagina, Vladimir Gogolev, Maksim Meltser, Ingerid Maria Opdahl, Marianna Serebrennikova, Cyrill Shemena, Andrei Frizyuk, Michael Chereisky, Michael Tarley, Grigoriy Gemerer Jr, Ekaterina Ivanova, Alexander Shetsen, Tigran Panteleev, Pavel Pugach, Pavel Sokolov, Vlad Smirnov, Elizaveta, Ilya Vinogradov, Straube, Natalia, Olga Smirnova, Veniamin Slavitskiy, Ekaterina Ivanova, Natasha Sh., Inna, Grif, Svetlana Golubeva, Victor Varganov, Natalia Burtovaya, Irina Novikova, .

Please, DO NOT USE the photos having no permission from me.



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