Wandering Camera

34th album
(Translated by Sergey A. Maslyakov)


Let's walk a little on this sunny day over Petrogradskaya Storona starting from subway station Gor'kovskaya, along the Neva river on the Petrovskaya Embankment, near the famous cruiser "Aurora", along the Karpovka river and finish out trip at subway station Petrogradskaya.

nov12_01.jpg (40101 bytes) nov12_02.jpg (31814 bytes)
23, Kronversky prospect. (But this prospect is know as Maxim Gorky prospect as well. Six years is walking here to my institute)

This building is noteworthy because of the owl and the arch. It is built in the Northern Modern style.

nov12_04.jpg (26345 bytes)
nov12_05.jpg (22817 bytes) nov12_06.jpg (14471 bytes)
nov12_07.jpg (37531 bytes) Cathedral Mosque. It is very hard to make the pictures of this building. I tried to do this several times before but only this time I've got something acceptable. Closer views do not fit the whole building but you will try to move away a little the surrounding buildings and trees are overshadowing the mosque.
nov12_09.jpg (31085 bytes) nov12_08.jpg (32447 bytes)
Brant's mansion (built by Meltzer) and the details of the arch - the lantern and the gates. nov12_10.jpg (49896 bytes)
nov12_11.jpg (22562 bytes) For those who are in doubts - it is the frog. Or "shi-tza" (lion-frogs) in its original name. There are two of them and this one was brought from abroad and installed on the embankment in 1907.
The mansion of the Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolaevich Jr. At present time it is the Wedding Palace. It reminds me of Vitebsky railway station. nov12_13.jpg (23080 bytes)
nov12_15.jpg (19573 bytes) The sight from the stairs (close to the frog mentioned above) to the Litejniy bridge.
Nakhimovskoe Uchilische (school). Former "Gorodskoy Uchilischniy Dom" in the name of Peter The Great.

When I was making this picture some man walking on the street told that the picture will be bad because I was shooting in the direction of the sun. Not the best picture but there are even worse.

nov12_21.jpg (25055 bytes)
nov12_18.jpg (21824 bytes) The central part with the small tower.
I think the name of this cruiser is know to everybody. It is the view from the stern. I have "chosen" this view because all the way to this point is was trying to reheat frozen batteries in pocket. nov12_19.jpg (20469 bytes)
nov12_22.jpg (32698 bytes) I made the picture of this not so noteworthy building (on some small street) being under the pressure of my companions :)
The frozen Karpovka river. On the opposite bank you can see on of the building of the Grenadersky Regiment. nov12_24.jpg (34734 bytes)
nov12_27.jpg (28087 bytes) Bolshoy prospect. The picture was made from the bridge over the Karpovka river. Further, behind the turning you can observer Lev Tolstoy square.
nov12_30.jpg (25635 bytes) nov12_31.jpg (27873 bytes)
Balconies, faces and lions.
nov12_32.jpg (26371 bytes) nov12_33.jpg (30389 bytes)
"The house with the towers" and the Theater of Miniature "Experiment" that is located in this building. The architect of that building and of the building on the two previous shots is Belogrud.
nov12_34.jpg (27318 bytes) We are on the Lev Tolstoy square. Here we finish our trip. It is not the last trip! :)

Here you can see some comments to the albums 32 and 33 (about the
Dvortsovaya square).


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