Wandering Camera

Additional comments to albums 32-33
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)

(comments by Vladimir Beshenkov (in color), amendments(in print) - by me, i.e. Peter Sobolev).


xref.gif (538 bytes) Alexander's column

The bas-reliefs of the Alexander's column pedestal are made according to design drawings of G.-B. Scotti. We already had an opportunity to see the work of this famous scene-painter in Pavlovsk - the wide pictorial frieze and paintings of the ceiling (also with military attributes) in the Rose pavilion hall which was built specially for welcoming the heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812. (album 22). 

xref.gif (538 bytes) Zimny(Winter) palace railings

Railings of the gates and fences of the ramps of Zimny palace are made according to architect R.F. Meltser project (conjointly with N.A. Gornostaev) in the mid 80s XIX century. The following are also among the works of Meltser: the fence and the gate of the garden at Zimny front facing Admiralty, which got Grand Prix at the exhibition in Paris in 1900 (in 20s they've been moved to the 9th of January children's park at Stachek prospect); railing of the fence and the front gate of Kleinmichel mansion at Kamenny island (album 31); railing of the gate in the archway of the Brant mansion built by him as well (Kuibyshev street, 2-4) (album 34).

xref.gif (538 bytes) New Hermitage

Regarding to whom the statues in the bays are devoted - I don't remember. I only know that these are very famous artists and sculptors (Raphael, Leonardo etc.). If considering those statues on the consoles as well - it'll make quite many names. Authors of the models are also famous sculptors - Demuth-Malinovsky, Loganovsky and others. 
Author of the New Hermitage project is german Leo fon Klentse, he had not been present in Petersburg for long, therefore construction was directed by Nikolay Efimov who made alterations in the project. Other buildings by Klentse are rather interesting - those are museum buildings in Munich. Photos of them could be seen in the book store "Dom knigi" at Nevsky in the thick book by A.V. Ikonnikov "Historical method in architecture", ibidem - Karl Shinkel, the author of the Gothic chapel project in Petrodvorets. These two people are the most famous german architects.

And in the end, as usual - the shot which was not included into the album. View on the Peter-and-Paul's fortress from the bridge over the Winter groove.

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(C) Петp Соболев


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