Wandering Camera

Album 32
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


More than once you've already seen Zimny(Winter) palace, Alexander's column, Main Headquarters arc in the albums. But all those were separate shots, I knowingly left out this ensemble (for instance, never shot portico with atlantes, architectural details), I wanted to devote them a separate album, to present them with dignity. And now this moment came. More than that, even after my usual screening I could not fit all made shots within one album framework. Therefore, there will be two of them devoted to this subject. 

In the first album attention will be mostly paid to Zimny palace itself and Alexander's column.


nov10_01.jpg (20255 bytes) So, we'll start from the common shot - the Dvortsovaya (Palace) square. All snow was blown away, it was fair weather and strong cold for two days (during which these shots were made). 

Zimny palace (in the left) was built, as many probably know, by F.-B. Rastrelli. Alexander's column - by Monferran, the author of Isaac's cathedral. Column was established in the honor of the victory in the war of 1812, and the name represents the emperor's name, who was on the throne then.

Here I'll venture to quote the book:

"…There are bas-reliefs in the pedestal which represent ancient russian armor, allegories of peace, justice, abundance, symbolic figures of rivers Visla and Neman (by sculptors Leppe and Svintsov )…"

nov11_12.jpg (45204 bytes)
nov11_19.jpg (36904 bytes) nov10_06.jpg (43733 bytes)
nov10_05.jpg (36675 bytes) Both stone steps of the column foundation and all Dvortsovaya square are considered to be the main place in Petersburg. On occasions (say, the day of the city) main events take place right here. Visitants like to have their photo taken against the background of the column and Zimny, - before I was quite often given a camera, being asked to press the button. At present - no, apparently I'm not causing trust any more :-)
dec09_12.jpg (18340 bytes) nov10_07.jpg (15220 bytes)
One of the lamps (established in 1876) surrounding the column. Shot at night and day.
nov10_09.jpg (32248 bytes) Let's come closer and look at the railing hidden under the three arcs, that historical railing which they clambered as long ago as in 1917th.
nov10_12.jpg (38166 bytes) nov10_11.jpg (37588 bytes)
nov10_10.jpg (36210 bytes) Unfortunately, one isn't permitted to go into the courtyard.
We'll not clamber :)
View from Millionnaya street side. Isaac's cathedral is seen in a distance. nov11_09.jpg (21560 bytes)
nov10_21.jpg (26204 bytes) Recently some informed people :) confirmed my hazy recollections of the fact that before (about ten years ago) the walls of the palace were of a different color. New appearance (they say) is more like original from historic point of view. Though it's unclear how in particular they identified the color that was originally, as the paint loses color, changes hue as time goes by. 

(I'm grumbling here because I liked that color more :)

nov10_18.jpg (22952 bytes) nov10_14.jpg (28821 bytes)
nov10_13.jpg (26294 bytes) nov10_15.jpg (17788 bytes)
The drive on Dvortsovaya side and a small appearance detail (in the right). It's interesting that many don't believe it's Zimny in the photo when they see the shot separately from the rest. And the style really differs allot. 
nov10_16.jpg (37252 bytes) nov11_10.jpg (39070 bytes)
The fence which separates mentioned above drive from the square. The neat and well-groomed one ;)
nov11_21.jpg (35696 bytes) nov11_20.jpg (30965 bytes)
Zimny front on Admiralty side
nov10_36.jpg (27725 bytes) Front on embankment side. Sunset and the end of the album..

As I already mentioned in the preamble, you have to wait for the next album for continuation. 

See you!


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