Wandering Camera

33rd album
(Translated by Sergey A. Maslyakov)


As I have promised before - the continuation of the previous album.
Today we will take a look to the surroundings of Dvortsovaya Square and Zimniy Palace.


nov10_20.jpg (17547 bytes) Let's turn away from Zimniy Palace and take a look at the building of Main Headquarters that was built by Rossi in the completely different, classical style but it perfectly fits into the ensemble.

I should mention that the only allowed automotive traffic on the Dvortsovaya Square is the military traffic but there are very few military cars over here and the pedestrians can walk around. The square is being cleaned regularly from the snow even at the night time. In this process are involved several cars that follows each other on the spiral trajectory.

The building of New Hermitage and the famous portico with Atlants. We will come closer to them later and now I want you to pay attention to the niches on the left and right sides. In these niches are installed six statues. Let's have a closer look at them.

nov11_01.jpg (27521 bytes)
nov11_25.jpg (15489 bytes) All these statues are the figures of famous painters and sculptors and their names are written on the pedestals. I am sorry but I did not memorize the names...

Note, somebody brought the flowers to one of the sculptors.

nov11_24.jpg (14896 bytes) nov11_07.jpg (21774 bytes)
nov10_31.jpg (21272 bytes) nov11_06.jpg (22579 bytes)
nov10_25.jpg (32311 bytes) Well, let's come back to Atlants. Several shots with no comments.
nov10_27.jpg (23577 bytes) nov11_03.jpg (29124 bytes)
nov10_28.jpg (19574 bytes) nov11_26.jpg (27592 bytes)
nov10_19.jpg (25681 bytes) Small Hermitage. On the left hand side is Zimniy Palace, on the right hand side - New Hermitage. All the time I get confused trying to differentiate between Old, Small and New Hermitages. In such cases I take the book as I did here :)
nov10_23.jpg (26444 bytes) nov10_22.jpg (27116 bytes)
The arches on the left and right sides of the Small Hermitage. Usually, nobody pays attention to them but I have decided to correct this slip. I have even eliminated pretty bad looking yellow fence :)
nov10_35.jpg (28465 bytes) Zimnyaya Kanavka, that connects Neva and Moyka rivers. The crossing over it connects the building of Old Hermitage and Hermitage Theater.

This place is very interesting but it is hard to explain the reason of that. The shots cannot show this either.

nov10_34.jpg (27732 bytes) nov11_22.jpg (25188 bytes)
Zimnyaya Kanavka again but in some other view. This bridge was named "The First Winter Bridge" ("The First Zimniy Bridge")..
Let's come closer to the arch of the Mail Headquarters. nov11_13.jpg (26929 bytes)
nov11_18.jpg (32057 bytes) Here I have decided to show some details of outer decorations and sculptures.

That is interesting that the painters prefer often to show the distance between these two arches notably larger than it is in real life :)

nov11_17.jpg (24131 bytes) nov11_15.jpg (29360 bytes)
nov11_28.jpg (37739 bytes) I don't know when this clock were installed under the arch but, anyway, the a looking good at this certain place. And here we put the final dot in this album.

So, two albums dedicated to the surroundings of Zimniy Palace and Dvortsovaya Square are over. It is not enough to show all the things but it is not a good idea to expand this topic further. One day we will come back here again.


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