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35th album
(Translated by Sergey A. Maslyakov)


I think it is a good tradition to visit again and again the suburbs at different seasons or to present them from other point of view. Today we will visit Gatchina again but it will be other Gatchina. I was glad being invited by the management of "Gatchina" SMR and I made several interesting shots inside the cathedral. There is some chance for these photos to be not the last I make here.

So, the last winter album for this year...

On this picture you can see the cathedral (the part of it, even) from the outside. The comments about the location that I used to make this shot will be given below. feb26_22.jpg (20902 bytes)
feb26_14.jpg (19662 bytes) We are in. I should mention that Gatchina cathedral may be called the castle. All these thick walls, peculiar corridors, towers cannot be called as common for the cathedrals of St.Petersburg and its suburbs. Excluding maybe Mikhailovsky castle only.
One of the halls. Let's come closer to the table to see what is behind the door. feb26_04.jpg (28291 bytes)
feb26_01.jpg (26296 bytes) The table is made of jasper.
The clock. One of the rosettes is absent and I had recovered it in Photoshop :) feb26_06.jpg (30511 bytes)
feb26_07.jpg (30275 bytes) Very interesting combination of the sun rays and inner lights. It seem like one statue on the left under the lighting appliance is missing.
Pretty strange figure on the ceiling. It seems like it is looking directly at you :) feb26_08.jpg (19935 bytes)
feb26_10.jpg (30689 bytes) The maid is looking at her reflection in the mirror. Hmmm, was the author thinking about such composition...
Another clock. I don't remember exactly but it has some name, like "Teaching" or something. I hope I will be given with the correct name :) feb26_09.jpg (22955 bytes)
feb26_11.jpg (29232 bytes) It is interesting that many chandeliers and lightning appliances were kept in their original construction despite to the replacement of the candles to the electrical bulbs. For example, in the corridors the flame is being "protected" from the wind with the glass. In many places above the bulbs are made special things that prevent sooting of ceiling.
The gun exhibition.

The strange construction of the handle is explained by the way of rifle holding. The shooter should clasp it to the neck but not to the shoulder :)

feb26_12.jpg (20706 bytes)
feb26_13.jpg (19567 bytes) Five-barrel rifle. It can make five shots per 90 seconds - it is five times faster than in case of ordinary rifle. All five shots are made simultaneously with corresponding recoil...
Chinese lantern. feb26_15.jpg (22599 bytes)
feb26_18.jpg (19375 bytes) feb26_17.jpg (24735 bytes)
This item was made in China too but it is... alarm-clock. I can't explain precisely how it works but the main idea is in the burning of the fuse and dropping of the balls (not shown).
Spiral staircase in one of the towers of the castle-cathedral where I was allowed to get in (as an exclusion).
feb26_24.jpg (23025 bytes)
feb26_25.jpg (23520 bytes) This shot shows the real situation pretty good. I should say that the staircase does not make the sense of the solid and reliable building, especially on this height.
This is the sight from the tower (the location mentioned in the very beginning). feb26_23.jpg (20196 bytes)
feb26_20.jpg (20669 bytes) The bells on the next (the same) tower ring each hour.
The park, islands, channels and lakes that are familiar to us according to the 30th album.
Across the biggest of these lakes is made the pathway. Some people even ride the bicycles there, I had seen this. But the front wheel was drowning often in the snow...
Two lakes do not freeze because of water springs and it is possible to see there about one hundred of the fat and joyful ducks :)
feb26_19.jpg (20518 bytes)
feb26_29.jpg (18363 bytes) And this is the full controversy - the underground passage going to the coast of Serebryanoe lake. I should say was going because it is closed nowadays and one can take a look through the crack in the door.
feb26_27.jpg (15445 bytes) feb26_26.jpg (17640 bytes)
The length of the passage is about 100 meters. Its height is decreasing when you approach to the end of the passage. People say that there live some ghosts. Even it is known from which door do they appear (it is strange but I thought before that ghosts do not use the doors). Anyway, I had no chance to witness this at the time when I was there.
At the end I want to express my kind gratitude to the employees of the museum and to Leonid Krasil'nikov, provided to him we became acquainted. So, from left to right:

Andrey Spaschansky
Leonid Krasil'nikov
Natal'ya Babkina
Natal'ya Evgen'evna Timokhina.

Thanks to them!

feb26_32.jpg (25811 bytes)

By the way, it is pretty convenient to go to Gatchina using "marshrutka" number 18 departing from subway station Moskovskaya (exit on the side of airport). The way takes 30-35 minutes and you arrive Baltiysky railway station (there are two of them in Gatchina). It costs 10 rubles currently.


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