Wandering Camera

Album 82
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


This album is addition to album 28 (Oranienbaum in the summer) in a sense. But here, key points are highlighted in regard to the autumn nature rather than architecture. But can it be different in such a good weather? :-)


Cathedral to St. Mikhail.
The name of  "Oranienbaum" means "wild-orange trees".

This comment has nothing to do with the subject of this picture :)

Bolshoi Oranienbaum palace (and the Lower park in front of it)

Originally Fontana and Shedel (1710-22) worked on the palace, later - A. Rinaldi (stairway, changes in the pavilions).

The palace was meant for Menshikov.

Central turret of the palace. Reminds of a crown.. Weather-vane on Japanese pavilion of the palace
Sign says: "1753"
The Church pavilion really contains a church (the orthodox one). Such symbols of worship are hanged out at its entrance :)
Looks beautiful, but in reality colors were much better
Typical fractal. For those who are up on :) 
Sliding hill building. A. Rinaldi, 1762-74.
It still remains in the scaffolding as when I was taking pictures for 28th album in the summer of 1998..
Sky is real. As well as the maple.
Chinese palace. A. Rinaldi, 1762-1768.

Second floor was built on later, in 1852-53. At the same time A.I. Shtakenshneider made some other changes.

We may say, the building simulates palace less now (judging by the old picture in the book)

Originally palace was called "Dutch house". It was renamed into Chinese later in the XIX century.
Chinese cook-house by the Chinese palace.

THIS is called "Pergole". I believe that something must grow on it, otherwise what is it for? :)

Oranienbaum is almost the only one out of all Saint-Petersburg suburbs which was not occupied by germans during the war, and, accordingly, it was not destroyed. Nevertheless, only Konstantinovsky palace in Strelna looks poorer unless Bolshoy Palace here.
Karosta river with adjoining Lower pond to it and a fisherman. 
Looks like a canal along Soykinskaya (Jay) or Orekhovaya (Nut) alley.
Hard to say.. Maybe, Pictorial house?

In the next album I want to offer you some night shots..


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