Wandering Camera

Album 28
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Oranienbaum, idem Lomonosov is situated a bit further along the gulf shore than Peterhof. Probably in view of its remoteness it's visited by tourists much more rarely and restored not so heartily. Nevertheless, this place is exceptionally nice for the walk and interesting as well. 


sep05_07.jpg (41714 bytes) The river not far from the park entrance. It's not of historical value :)
sep05_11.jpg (21772 bytes) sep05_12.jpg (24653 bytes)
Bolshoi Oranienbaum palace. The wings (Japanese and Church pavilions) are hidden behind the trees. The lower garden right in front of the palace (the latter is in the right behind)
sep05_09.jpg (27374 bytes) sep05_13.jpg (26911 bytes)
Japanese pavilion of the palace from the different standpoints. 
As far as I understood, the left and the right wings of the palace are not available for the visitors.
sep05_14.jpg (24622 bytes) Stairs of the Bolshoi palace (central building). 
I'll mention that there is almost nothing to look at inside - very few exhibits, they just started restoring the walls and the floor.
Kamenniy (rock) hall sep05_15.jpg (27767 bytes)
sep05_16.jpg (25375 bytes) "Surface of the age-old pond is clothed in kelp…"
Part of the Upper park. It resembles Pavlovsk park a little, but this one is more quiet and not so huge. sep05_18.jpg (36269 bytes)
sep05_19.jpg (21617 bytes) Pavilion of the Sliding Hill is seen in a distance. 
I knowingly didn't shot it closely - everything is in scaffolding. Once long ago the whole of this "glade" was occupied by the wooden sliding hill, which Catherine the II sledged from.
sep05_20.jpg (34466 bytes) sep05_21.jpg (42501 bytes)
sep05_22.jpg (33997 bytes) The Chinese palace and the sculpture by it. Rather interesting sculpture, unfortunately one can't really see it in the shot - the three statues are dressed h'm.. differently :-) 
There is no nameboard on any of the sides. 
Cavaliers building. 
Nowadays it's occupied by the quite good and not too expensive hotel.
sep05_23.jpg (22879 bytes)
sep05_26.jpg (21418 bytes) View on the Lower pond.
sep05_28.jpg (27227 bytes) sep05_31.jpg (26658 bytes)
Peter the III palace in Petershtadt.
Gates of the Petershtadt fortress.
In actual fact, there's no any fortress - it was timbered and vanished entirely. Only these gates and the mentioned above palace remained.
sep05_29.jpg (37240 bytes)
sep05_33.jpg (37891 bytes) sep05_35.jpg (42929 bytes)
The ruin bridge and cascade are not included into the marked on the map park. Krasny (Red) pond is situated right beyond the cascade.
sep05_36.jpg (18630 bytes) There is Cathedral to St.Mikhail between the park and the railway station. Rather interesting building, alas, it's closed by the market place and buildings from different sides. 

By the way, Kronshtadt is perfectly seen from the gulf shore, this is where the dam starts and a ferryboat runs from.

With this album we're taking leave of summer theme. Autumn is outdoors…


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