Wandering Camera

Album 83
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Night shots today.

I'll specially emphasize that all pictures (but the first one) were made in the conditions of dark or almost dark sky. 
Strange coloration of it in the shots is accounted for long exposures(3-8 seconds).
All shots are made from the low support, lying down, one might say. 


Such an atmospheric phenomenon. Apparently, it appeared with an airplane help.
Peter-and-Paul's fortress viewed from Kronverksky strait side.
Kronverkskiye gate of the fortress
Kronverksky strait. It separates Zayachy (hare) island, where Peter-and-Paul's fortress is situated (in the left), from the mainland - Petrogradskaya side (in the right). The bridge seen in the distance is Kronverksky bridge.
Kronverkskaya (surprise! :) embankment.
Several cars managed to pass along the road within several minutes.
Brick building of Artillery museum(former Kronverksky arsenal) by architect P.I. Tamansky is seen in the left. Built in 1850-1860.

We'll come closer..

Several guns and some other defense technology is exposed near museum for viewing.
Successful foreshortening :)
And a couple more..
Looks like a sunny day
Entrance into the courtyard of museum is seen ahead.
"Museum of artillery, sappers and communication troops" - says the sign.

Museum was founded in 1756, but it moved into this former Kronverksky arsenal building in 1868.

I'll remark in the parenthesis that there is lots of all different kinds of heavy guns - rockets, missile emplacements, guns in the courtyard of museum (in the open air). Maybe, I'll make up my mind to photograph them.
I remember when being a child I enjoyed climbing these machines and guns, I kept trying to unscrew something. Alas, everything that could be unscrewed was unscrewed before, and the remaining was stuck. 
Small mortar (?) in the courtyard. It is not the only one there, but there was a poor lighting, and the white light in this shot makes unpleasant effect..
The gate leads into the courtyard, that's where the old guns are exposed - the relatives of the one in the upper picture.. It's a paradox: out lamps always look better than the ones on. 
Kronverksky canal starts here. It comes out of the strait, rounds the museum and flows into the strait in the other side. 

With this album we'll take a final leave of prolonged autumn… 


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