Wandering Camera

Album 81
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Petrovsky island is considered referred to "Petrogradskaya side" and not "Islands". There are no such large parks, and on the whole it's not like Yelagin-Krestovsky-Kamenny islands. 


All-sufficient system - two fishermen and a cat (which pretends that she got here by chance and fishing process is no any interest to her)
"House of veterans of stage"

Built in 1902, enlarged and reconstructed in 1948

Sign on the tablet:

"All-russian theatre community

The building is quite interesting for slightly different architecture on different sides (apparently, it's caused by enlargement of the building) and for theatre masks in the walls
Petrovsky prospect. It crosses the whole of the island, there are industrial facilities on both sides of it ( in particular, famous shipyard "Almaz (diamond)" and brewery "Bavaria", guarded as a military establishment :)
20/2 Petrovsky prospect
Interesting old edifice (soviet symbolism appeared later, probably)

Children in the shot on the right stopped playing as soon as they saw camera and stood motionless in expectation of something aside. Looks like the house is popular among rare tourists and photographers..

Sign says:

town of

This interesting building is a part of F.K. San-Galli factory's workmen town (by architect V.R. Kurzanov).
F. San-Galli iron foundry and metal factory themselves (as well as the mansion of their owner) were situated at Ligovka (Ligovsky prospect).

Such a distinctive scenery creates the feeling of fixed time. Not a single advertising hoarding or signboard was met during the walk around the island. Almost no people as well (that was weekend, and there are mostly factories here - only few apartment houses).
Alley along river Zhdanovka - it's a part of Petrovsky park.
River Zhdanovka. Petrogradskaya side is on the left.

That's all what I wanted to say regarding Islands..
By the way, next album by Vladislav Sorokin "Summer in Copenhagen" has appeared in the section "Our guests".


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