Wandering Camera

Album 80
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Recently I've been noticing that it's quite hard to squeeze all pictures made during the walk into one album. I still remember how good it was with the oldest AGFA ePhoto 307, - it provided 36 shots, and no matter what you do, it rarely makes more than one album after processing and assorting. So, if anyone thinks that I publish too many superfluous pictures - write :) 
And now, we'll come back to Krestovsky island again..


Lebyazhy (Swan, Second Northern) pond. White arbor in the right is a relatively modern building, as well as the stairs
One of the dwellers of the same name pond
Probably, in the nature swans always get food below, so their neck is obviously not meant for hand-feed. Seemingly, offspring of these swans will have one more curve on the neck :)
Unlike swans, ducks here are sort of cowed. In this picture they feel quite safe because I am separated from them by the fence. By the way, mother of the right duck (to put it more precisely - drake) has probably committed sin with the shell parakeet :)
Beautiful. Especially box blended well with it.
Along main alley we are heading for the stadium to S.M. Kirov, which is situated on the western spit of the island.
Stadium is situated in the hollow of artificial mound (16 meters high). It's reckoned on 100 thousands audience.

Works on construction of artificial mound in the hollow had been on from 1932 till 1950 (during war they were held up)

Now rumors either about pulling the mound down or building some kind of viaduct(as a part of ring road) are circulating. That's very sad - on my opinion, idea of the alley ending with the mound with a stadium inside, panorama of the gulf is utterly successful. Unfortunately, pictures do not reproduce the impressions..

My shot of the stadium itself did not come out, that's why I am publishing this one, which was kindly sent to me by one of the Wandering Camera's readers, as an exception.

View on the gulf of Finland opens from the mound
Racing route lies by it. At the moment racing is on.
In the background: "in expectation of the victim.."
Central yacht-club, on the other bank of Malaya Nevka
Near the yacht-club. By the way, that bank refers to Petrovsky island what we'll devote next album to.

Name of the boat is "Nadezda" ("Hope")

Pillbox is a part of the defense installations conserved since the Patriotic War times. 
Sign (in the shot on the right) says: 

"Life is beautiful and feat of life is eternal
Immortality of lost lies in the courage of the living

Gulf of Finland
There is something conceptual in this snag :-)
Bolshoi Petrovsky bridge over Malaya Nevka. Exists since 1838 (it was restored and strengthened more than once since than, of course)

It's length is 300 meters. It even has one draw span, though I did not notice it. It looks like the bridge was wide before, and then it was altered into pedestrian (old piers stick out from the water).

Inasmuch as there is Petrovsky island on the other bank, we'll start telling about it in the next album. 


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