Wandering Camera

Album 67
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


There is very little snow remaining in the city, lonely ice-floes are floating by along Neva. 
The walk will be mostly evening - first we'll pass by Marsovo field, along embankment, and then we'll watch sunset from Liteiny bridge. 


Marsovo field.
Unwonted now red flags surround the monument to the fighters for revolution.
This enigmatic shot is not architectural ensemble in a special style at all, but a combination of ventilating shaft of metro and a turret of Mikhailovsky palace (in scaffolding) :-) 
There is a tree with Summer (not quite yet) garden in the background.
Marsovo field with Pavlovskiye quarter where Lenenergo(Power department for Saint-Petersburg) has been situated for many years now is captured in this shot which is made against the sun (and, correspondingly, against the rules of normal photography). Radio link is looming up in the right, in the sun's disk.. 
Let's move to Neva.

Spring Troitsky bridge (not all of it, of course)..

..with a crow and pieces of ice.

In principle, you can start asking me why I prefer crows for shooting. But though no-one has asked me yet, I'll still answer:

There are many of them, they are big and insolent. An easy prey for a lazy photographer. 

From under the bridge.. Creators of many movies like to show Venice in such colors and under such lighting..
We're heading for Liteiny bridge along the bridge over Lebyazhiya(swan) groove
Liteiny bridge railing (there are mermaids and the emblem of Saint-Petersburg).
Made by architect K.K. Rakhau, produced at the LMF - Leningrad Metal Factory
From embankment it seems that the sun is already setting down
Pigeon under the bridge is also watching the sunset :)
The same railing but from the bridge now
Peter-and-Paul's fortress. It's seen from here, that some time remains till entire sunset
View on Neva and Troitsky bridge
Last rays..
Sky has acquired a completely different color after sunset.

Sailer has dropped anchor not far from Peter-and-Paul's fortress.

Here I've taken only Aurora's funnels. I quite liked the symmetry..
It almost got dark..

There is already mentioned in album 34 Nakhimov navy school behind Aurora.

Further we'll see a famous but rarely shot garden. 


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