Wandering Camera

Album 68
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


It turned out so historically that there are at least two (and maybe even more) Yusupovsky gardens and Yusupovsky palaces in Saint-Petersburg. One of them faces Moyka embankment and Decembrists street, the other - Sadovaya street. 
Today we'll visit the first of them..


We're at Decembrists street, at the entrance to Yusupovsky garden
We got in.. we see the same building as in the previous shot but from the opposite side. Unfortunately, I can't say who is the author and which duties it performed formerly (there is just another restaurant nowadays)
The garden is small and silent. In the right you can watch city-dwellers taking children and dogs for a walk (one of the latter ones definitely had objections to me :) 
There is even something like a knoll here in contrast to other city gardens, and on the whole constructions are situated on different ground levels. Besides, red and white building is quite uncommon for Petersburg.
It reminded me of some constructions in Tsaritsino (Moscow)
Let's come to Yusupovsky palace now (its front facing Moyka will be shown some next time, at the moment it's under repair)
That's what one can see through the lattice rods.
By the way, I am not quite sure that the mentioned above part of the building relates to the palace, but it looks like a single whole.

The palace itself was built in 1760s by J.-B. Vallen-Delamot, however it was rebuilt later, in 1830-38, by A.A. Mikhailov (who built some annexes - maybe exactly these ones).

There is such an interesting and absolutely different to all surrounding turret over the palace (when looking towards Moyka from the garden).
A farewell shot

Further you'll finally see the only one out of all Saint-Petersburg suburbs which I successfully ignored all these three years.

Moreover, third album by Vladislav Sorokin under a conditional name of "Nature" has appeared in the section "Our guests".


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