Wandering Camera

Album 66
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We'll continue a walk along Furshtadskaya street..


Mansion of earl P.N. Ignatiev and K.A. Vargunin (in different times, probably). Emblem in the shot below is the very Vargunin's.

House was built in 1896-99
By architect A.I. van Gogen

Lion also relates to this mansion
And this vastly shabby house is N.V. Spiridonov's mansion. "Palace of ceremonial registration of birth "Malutka (Little one)" is situated here now.

Built in 1895-96 by architects A.I. Pomerantsev and I.S. Kitner.

Interesting building (more precisely - crown of its roof) at Tavricheskaya street
Water-tower opposite Tavrichesky palace. It was already mentioned in one of the albums.

It covers view on the palace from Neva (which existed once), unfortunately it's also a monument of architecture :-(

Truth to say, there are also several usual houses around.

"House with tower" at Tavrisheskaya street

One of the centers of literary and artistic life of Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of XX century.

Built in 1903-04 by architect M.N. Kondratiev

Cathedral to Mother of God "Sign" of old believers of coast-dwellers' consent.
Built in 1906-1907 by D.A. Kryzhanovsky.
Quite an interesting building.
Rooftop antenna is hiding between the domes..
Here we'll finish the first (but not the last) spring walk.

I want to draw your attention to the renewals in the section "Our guests" again. One more album by Vladislav Sorokin devoted to Copenhagen suburbs has appeared there.


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