Wandering Camera

Album 65
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


So then, it's Spring…
In the following two albums (this one and 66th) surroundings of metro Chernyshevskaya - 
Furshtadtskaya, Chaikovsky, Tavricheskaya streets and other will be honored with attention. 
I'll mention straight away that views here can't be called various so comments will be dullish :) 


There is Lutheran church (by architect Y.M. Felten, 1799) in the very beginning of Furshtadskaya street
In 1939 it was reconstructed as cinema "Spartak".
Nowadays (they say) church, night club and cinema adjoin there.
Lattice of building 33 at Chaikovsky street. Apparently, building itself didn't deserve my attention, so it wasn't captured :-)

Actor Vasily Vasilievich Merkuriev lived there in 1944-78 (according to the sign on memorial board)

Mansion of Kelh is captured in this (as well as two following) shots (there is "House of Jurist" now)

Built in 1896-1903 by V.I. Chagin and V.I. Chenet

House of Nechaev-Maltsev (also at Chaikovsky street). Regional department for combating organized crime is situated here now.

Built by R.I. Kuzmin and G.A. Bosse in 1844-46

All I can say about this building is that PromStroyBank of SPb is situated here now
Fire-tower. Along with aerial..
Chernyshevsky prospect.

And a boulevard - honey to the soul of the touring muscovite :)

XIX - beginning of XX century building with a turret at the corner of Chernyshevsky and Chaikovsky streets.
There were very many different turrets in Petersburg once, but fires have gradually decreased their livestock
A couple more shots of the same building
Quite a usual gate
Emblem at Chernyshevsky street 46-48 on the palace of Grand princess Olga Alexandrovna, it might belong to her or the previous owners - princes Baryatinskiye.
Quite a typical communicating courtyard (though it's a bit narrowish)

As I was suggested new construction technologies allowed to make bigger windows in the houses in the second half of the XIX century. The example of it is windows in the right which light up backstairs…

We'll walk back to Furshtadskaya street through this gate with quite a nice railing.

Continuation of the walk is in the following album 


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