Wandering Camera

Album 64
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Continuation of the previous walk - Petrogradskaya side..


Kantemirovsky bridge.

Built in 1979-1982. Draw-bridge, 664 meters long.

Several factories of quite an interesting architecture (though quite usual for Petersburg) are situated on the other side of embankment. As I am suggested those are: factory to K. Marx, "Compressor", "Krasnaya nit'(Red Thread)", "Krasnaya Zarya (Red Dawn)", "Russian Diesel".
Factory to K. Marx
Factory "Compressor"
One of the sights of Petrogradskaya side - it's a tower of TV center (316 meters high).
By the way, it weights 12 thousands tons.
LETI (Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute). Old building.
Built in 1900-1903 by architect A.N. Vekshinsky as a school of postal-telegraphic department.
And this sign is noteworthy for the fact that (according to its orientation) it forbids cars to drop anchors at the bank :)

Nevka and Kamenny island are in the background.

Pesochnaya embankment, 24 - Private estate of architect Iliin.
Nowadays one of the departments of Ministry for internal affairs is situated here
Shot makes claims on deep meaning :-)
Lenin street, building 8. By architect Ginger S.G. (1908-1910)
There is such an interesting lamp (especially when looking bottom-up) in the yard of the building
And this is the same building but from the opposite side

As I was explained - in order to sell/let apartments more favorably houses were built in such a way that maximum number of windows faced the street (premises where windows face the yard were meant for servants etc.).

And in conclusion, there is a mansion of M.F. Kshesinskaya near the mosque (it's in the background). Built in 1904-1906 according to A.I. Gogen project.

Starting next album spring will come to the Wandering Camera..

And for now I offer you to see the new album from the section "Our guests". Vladislav Sorokin kindly agreed to tell us about Copenhagen.


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