Wandering Camera

Album 63
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Once, also in winter, we were walking with camera along river Karpovka already - from Neva to the Bolshoi prospect.
Today, a year later, we'll continue a walk from where we stopped last time. 


Building at the Bolshoi prospect and river Karpovka crossing
First apartment house of Lensovet. Good example of constructivism style (it's when buildings are made of different geometry figures). I don't like it though it's quite interesting :)

Building was built in 1931-35.
Fortunately, some time later they walked away from constructivism - so called "stalin's" buildings are much more sympathetic.

Probably inhabitants of this flat have quite specific dreams. But pleasant ones :-)
At the entrance - monument to footballer. I suppose, to the abstract one.
Unusual view on the usual lift. As I am thinking now, I should have waited till the sun came to the point right above the cage. So be it..
Mansion of A. Molchanov (M. Savina) in the style of modern. 1905-1907, by architect M. Geisler.
Wall of the building which you can see in the next shot. Vertical girder at the wall is probably meant for getting home. Joking.. It's there so that house doesn't fall :) 
It's completely different from the front. In the theory, style is also modern.
Corner of Karpovka and Vishnevsky street. 
Building right at that corner (in the left).
Exceptionally lions caused the interest.
Further along the bank..

St. John monastery (1900-s)
By architect N.N. Nikonov.

Representatives of local fauna feeding near the monastery. However, some agree to pose for no price. 
That's all interesting that I wanted to show on the Karpovka banks. In the following album Petrogradskaya side will be shown a bit more various.

I also want to offer your attention a new album in the section "Our guests".
Album is about Voronezh, author is Vitaly Lunev.


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