Wandering Camera

Album 53
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


So then, the last summer album eventually. Shots which weren't included into other albums on different reasons are collected here. What doesn't make them any worse (or better :) though


We'll start from the memorial "Monument to heroic defenders of Leningrad" (among the people also known as "Stameska" ("chisel")).
Memorial is situated in Pobeda(Victory) square at the end of Moskovsky prospect which I and Alexey Piyalkin wholly walked through that day (about 10 kilometers). The reason I remembered Alexey.. the thing is that several days before I'm writing these lines (right after New Year), Alexey has perished in a car accident. He directly concerns to Wandering Camera since the name itself - "Brodyachaya Kamera" (english: "Wandering Camera")  - was once suggested by very him, at that the first albums were shot with his assistance.
Broken ring..
Just here - in this very place - we(and not us only) were admitted into pioneers.
An interesting aspect I've thought of just now.. I distinctly remember how parents took me to look at how this obelisk was being raised (at that time we lived rather close to this place). However, the book says that "…monument unveiling took place on the 9th of May 1975". It turns out that I was watching its construction at the age of 2. Rather strange.
Now we'll move into the city center.

Rinaldi Marble palace at Dvortsovaya embankment. In soviet times Lenin museum occupied it, and there was armored car in the middle.

Now one can see monument to Alexander the III instead of the armored car. Regarding this someone said once "There is locker in the square, there is hippopotamus on the locker, there is blockhead on the hippopotamus".
Turret with clock and a small fountain right opposite to it, on the other end of the same square.
Griboedov canal near the place of junction with Kruykov canal.
Zodchy Rossi street, and Alexandrinsky theatre in the end of it. This shot can be called additional to album 14.
Mariinsky palace (by architect A.I. Shtakenshneider) at Isaac's square opposite to Isaac's cathedral. We'll come back to the square in one of the autumn albums, at that we'll take a look at it from unusual point of view.

Formerly there was Leningrad Council (Sovet) of people's deputies in this building, now - city council correspondingly.

Now we're at Dvortsovaya (Palace) square. Here I've decided to make several shots using a tele-converter. First of them is Zimny (Winter) palace roof. Quite recently this flag appeared here, who knows what it symbolizes - after all it's been a while since museum is situated here but no public authorities.
Funny foreshortening of the part of the same roof - the statue is sort of leaning on the dome.
Angel at Alexandrovskaya column top. Life-sized :) 
Though on the left shot it reminds of someone gloomy with a scythe in one's hands.
People are roller skating on the block pavement.
In a distance - Rostral columns.
Peter-and-Paul's fortress in the rays of the setting sun (shot from the side of artillery museum).
Church of Christ's Resurrection already mentioned in the 19th album. I'd like to focus attention on the turret top as well. Have you watched "Kin-dza-dza" movie? :-)
Peter-and-Paul's fortress beach. 
It's not me or my fellow in the shot. 
Just a person..

End to summer is put once and for all :) Several autumn albums are ahead.


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