Wandering Camera

Album 54
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Mikhailovsky garden..
Autumn colors and cloudy weather call up kind of serenity, conciliation. 


Savior-on-blood from the previous album remained on that side of the fence..
People are walking along the alleys talking about something. Hurrying nowhere.
The very height of autumn - violence of colors.
Horse is chewing a common banana ..
This tree haven't noticed yet that the summer was over. Or, at any case, it gives no sign.
Thick and fluffy carpet of leaves is underfoot. 
Girl is sketching something in the book..
probably bridge over Moyka and a maple autumn leaf..
.. or a railing-fan.
Dog is running to it. Or rather flying. 
Just very low ;-)
And this is Viktor - nervously running along the bank in search of the good foreshortening for his film camera (fie!:).
Someone is boating a cutter. A bit behind - the recently sunk barge. But I've erased it ;-)
Album has come out rather strange. However, it's for the better.

Peter-and-Paul's fortress from the height is next time..


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