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Album fourteen
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

This happens only four times a year...
Today the Spring started at our Wandering Camera! :-)

And a pleasant news coincided with this great event - the site Wandering Camera has won the nomination "Personal" from the organization ROCIT, in frame of a yearly competition :

antrocit23.gif (5131 bytes)

m16_13.jpg (25757 bytes) Neva...

The ducks have thawed out and now looking for something to. eat
The duck in the center of the frame was dipping half of its beak in the water and then accelerated, paddling quickly with its paws ;)

As you've probably guessed looking at the title, we'll start our spring walks from the environs of the Anichkov Palace and Aleksandrinskii Theater. . m20_01.jpg (30154 bytes)
m20_02.jpg (28893 bytes) Rossi street (it was called Theater street before), at its and - Aleksandrinskii Theater
Someone has accused me that I don't make interesting photos of statues. Well, there is something in it - I am somehow suspicious of them. :) m20_03.jpg (26736 bytes)
m20_05.jpg (28158 bytes) m20_06.jpg (25993 bytes)
The theater again. The theater and most of the surrounding buildings were built by Karl Rossi
m20_18.jpg (26393 bytes) Ostrovsky square.
This is the building on the right side of the previous frame. They told me it belonged to architect Basin.
m20_20.jpg (35350 bytes)
m20_17.jpg (32933 bytes) Public library
Very springtime frame. Almost as springtime as the ducks ;) m20_22.jpg (41717 bytes)
m20_12.jpg (33043 bytes) One of the pavilions of Anichkov Palace
This and the three following frames are made in the little park by the Anichkov palace.. m20_25.jpg (39479 bytes)
m20_27.jpg (33859 bytes) Snowmen don't know yet that the cunning rays of the spring sun are creeping from behind.
A vase near one of the pavilions of Anichkov palace m20_28.jpg (26843 bytes)
m20_29.jpg (34424 bytes) In the background - monument to Catherine II. Very ill-placed monument that spoiled all the plans of Rossi. Before there was an unobstructed view from Nevskii prospect on the theater and Theater square, but now the monument and the little park around it are blocking it completely ;(
THeater of Comedy and Eliseevskii store.

Springtime sign :)

m20_14.jpg (42527 bytes)

I hope we are going to have more sun now and the pictures will be more cheerful. :)
By the way, I've made a heroic effort (was going to for last 3 years) and now you can visit my humble home page - http://www.enlight.ru/frog :)


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