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The 19th album Moskovsky prospekt


Lets take a brake from the historical center sights and walk down the Moskovsky prospekt, and catch some of Zagorodny prospekt and Obvodny channel. 


my19_02.jpg (31314 bytes) my19_01.jpg (30834 bytes)
Vitebsky railway station from both sides. :)
A building with a small tower on the Moskovsky prospekt. my19_05.jpg (24670 bytes)
my19_06.jpg (48225 bytes) Grillage of the Olympia garden. 
One of the Krasnoarmeisky (Red Army) streets.

Pillars like this one to the right are all other the Moskovsky prospekt every "versta" (old russian distance measure)

my19_09.jpg (27813 bytes)
my19_10.jpg (26125 bytes) Supermarket Frunsensky

The place was on fire a while ago.

Not so special building on the Obvodny channel embankment wich I found interesting. my19_12.jpg (22261 bytes)
my19_24.jpg (24946 bytes) my19_19.jpg (24779 bytes)
The Ressurection church not far from the Varshavsky railway station. 
In my humble opinion its style is very different from that of other buildings in St. Petersburg. 
my19_16.jpg (25244 bytes)
my19_29.jpg (23286 bytes) Obvodny channel.
my19_31.jpg (19886 bytes) my19_30.jpg (30630 bytes)
Two different building, two same shots…
Novodevichy convent my19_32.jpg (27427 bytes)
my19_35.jpg (23483 bytes) Moscovskie vorota (Moscow gate)

It may be too much of the industrial parts of the city, but it should give you some clue how the city really looks like 

Previous(18) album now has some new remarks. Also, a few lines have been added to the comments to the 17th albumа . Links page has also been updated


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