Wandering Camera

Album 29
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


I probably excessively use your patience, but still, this album is the third devoted to Peterhof. However, in order to defense myself I'll cite the argument that in each subsequent album Peterhof is shown different. Very few people visit the park when the fountains are not working, and quite wrongly. 
Today you'll see the autumn Peterhof. With yellow and red fallen leafs.. Quite different to the postcards.


The Lower park, wing of the Bolshoi Palace is behind the trees.
This very day was the day of the fountains closing (not the official one after which they are still working for about a month, but the real one).
oct11_01.jpg (38192 bytes)
oct11_03.jpg (39113 bytes) One of the Lower park alleys.
The Summer pavilions. During the summer all comers were given suits of tsars, grandees to try on (chargeable) at this place. People were queuing up and then gaily posed in front of the camera. oct11_04.jpg (36466 bytes)
oct11_06.jpg (42179 bytes) Monplesir garden (accordingly, near the Monplesir palace)
oct11_09.jpg (34862 bytes) oct11_24.jpg (33171 bytes)
They tried to put me off including these shots in the album, but I didn't listen, as usual :) The Grand cascade with the turned off fountains now. 
In the right picture I considered the contrast of the statue with the fir behind it rather striking.
oct11_11.jpg (39154 bytes) oct11_12.jpg (34890 bytes)
oct11_13.jpg (30694 bytes) Several more nooks of the Lower park - the very park and not palaces and sculptures.
oct11_20.jpg (23898 bytes) oct11_19.jpg (24590 bytes)
oct11_16.jpg (37556 bytes) oct11_18.jpg (22601 bytes)
oct11_21.jpg (22954 bytes) The bank and the stairs which separate the Venus garden from the gulf of Finland.
The Upper park. There is St. Peter and Paul cathedral in a distance, in the haze. oct11_26.jpg (18595 bytes)
oct11_25.jpg (13237 bytes) Local beast of prey in the motion :-)
Bolshoi Palace reflection in the Kvadratny pond. oct11_29.jpg (19884 bytes)
oct11_27.jpg (17867 bytes) One of the many statues.
The Upper park again. It's getting dark now.  oct11_30.jpg (32893 bytes)
oct11_32.jpg (17479 bytes) Neptune
In the absence of visitors he looks lonely, - the only neighbor is the reflection in the pond.
Arbor at the entrance to the Upper park. oct11_33.jpg (17615 bytes)
oct11_34.jpg (21753 bytes) The gate. Appropriate final shot for the album.

I think that now we could sustain a pause in praising of Peterhof :) 
By the way, there're additional comments to the devoted to it Winter and Summer albums.


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