Wandering camera

Additional comments for album 13 (Peterhof in winter) and 26 (Peterhof in summer)
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

(comments by - Vladimir Beshenkov (colored), comments (in italic) - mine, i.e.. Peter Sobolev.)


xref.gif (538
bytes) Menazhernii fountain (sep06_08.jpg)

Menazhernii fountain - one of the two in cascade Marly (seen in the background). The other , Kitovii (Whale) fountain, is closer to the Grand cascade. They have the same design of the central water jet: water is pushed in a circular gap between two concentric pipes of slightly different diameter, creating an impression of a powerful water column with great water economy. I think this is an idea of Peter the Great.

xref.gif (538
bytes) Wing of the Manege of the Court's stables (sep06_32.jpg)

One of unknown but beautiful buildings. ..." - wing of the Manege of the Court's stables, built by he architect Nicolai Benua at the beginning of the fifties of the previous century. It is located outside of the Aleksandria Park, near its upper (Animals') gates. N. Benua was at that time the head architect of Peterhof. The building of the railroad station "New Peterhof" (in winter album) - is also his project. Court's stables were converted into a sanatorium in soviet times (presently - sanatorium "Petrodvorets").

xref.gif (538
bytes) Grand Palace (m08_11.jpg)

In the winter album (it came to my mind looking at the Palace's wings) - there is no double eagle above the central part of the Grand Palace but a vase with the gilded figures of demons - angels of the place.

By the way, I've noticed that the gilding (at least on the domes of the wings) is peeling off and goes away completely by fall. Apparently they replate the dome every year.

xref.gif (538
bytes) Girl with а pitcher (sep06_31.jpg)

And here is a girl (fountains of the marble benches) - who turns out to be not a girl at all but a young woman Danaid, one of 50 daughters of the king Danaus. She obeyed his order to kill her husband and now, as her eternal punishment in Hades, she has to fill the leaking vase with water.

xref.gif (538
bytes) Pond and Palace Marly(sep06_07.jpg)

The pond at the western facade of the Palace Marly is the Sectoral pond. It was used for breeding fish up to the beginning of the XXth century. It is formed by running water from springs and fountains.

As usual several frames not included in albums:


mar08_19.jpg (30070 bytes) mar08_35.jpg (24247 bytes)
mar08_50.jpg (36642 bytes) Top left - view on the Lower Park and the Gulf from one of the cascades.

Above: "backyard" of the Palace Monplaisir, standing on the Gulf.

On the left: Lower Park.

sep06_02.jpg (21588 bytes) sep06_06.jpg (20863 bytes)
sep06_14.jpg (29996 bytes) Top left: Upper Park and Grand Palace

Top: the dome of the Grand Palace, the one that has its gild restored every fall.

Left: "Fountains" - airplane traces in the sky and the real fountain look nice together.


(C) Петp Соболев


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