Wandering Camera

Album 30
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


A jubilee, in a certain sense.. 30 editions within a year or more. 
On average - about 2 editions a month…
Today is Gatchina.


oct25_03.jpg (19022 bytes) The Gatchina palace..
Monument to Paul the I is standing in the light a bit to the left. 

Since Gatchina is situated quite far from the city (more than an hour by suburban train) and I didn't want to get up early, then upon the arrival it turned out that the sun was setting. Therefore the walk became the run in order to have time to shoot everything before the nightfall. 


oct25_01.jpg (18630 bytes)
oct25_04.jpg (41626 bytes) One of the paths of Dvortsovy park. On the whole, I've got the impression that in Gatchina they mainly accentuated the sceneries and not architectural constructions, which are not numerous.
oct25_05.jpg (32176 bytes) Chesmen obelisk is in the foreground. Gorbaty bridge is in a distance.
oct25_08.jpg (34011 bytes) oct25_09.jpg (40004 bytes)
There are no leaves already, rarely one comes across such exceptions. 

The island in the right is accordingly called "Pikhtovy (the Fir)"

oct25_11.jpg (33981 bytes) Representative of many small bridges over the rivers, streamlets and canals. The map of the park of soviet times agreed with reality very little as it turned out. A couple of times one could easily say: "lost the way in broad daylight" :-) 
Gates into the "Menagerie"

There's forest behind them, which also relates to the park by the highest standards, but we'll not be going there or else the sun will leave us entirely :)

oct25_15.jpg (33209 bytes)
oct25_16.jpg (40394 bytes) oct25_18.jpg (30755 bytes)
oct25_19.jpg (38303 bytes) Portal "Mask" and the Birch house. 

The latter one would greatly resemble pile of logs if it were not something like the door with a padlock in the middle (on the left in the shot)

oct25_25.jpg (30625 bytes) oct25_23.jpg (22377 bytes)
oct25_26.jpg (24945 bytes) The Venus pavilion on the island of Love. 

There are non-assembled or the other way round - not completely restored railings above. 
The ruin style :-)

Local crow is pacing the ceremonial step for the watering. Or to drown herself :)  oct25_28.jpg (21917 bytes)
oct25_20.jpg (34102 bytes) oct25_12.jpg (27463 bytes)
The Birch gates. Called so maybe because they're situated near the Birch house. Typical Gatchina scenery. Actually, I was advised to go in the late autumn, but probably not to such late extent..
This mysterious construction is called "Almiralty" on the map. According to Leonid Krasilnikov, - those are the remains of Admiralty since the wooden original burnt out two or three years ago.. oct25_29.jpg (36684 bytes)
oct25_30.jpg (43139 bytes) ..And the gates by it are accordingly Admiralty ones. Park finishes behind them. 
oct25_34.jpg (22373 bytes) oct25_32.jpg (20908 bytes)
Pokrovsky cathedral is situated right beyond the bounds of the park. 
oct25_36.jpg (23170 bytes) And on the way back let's go through the park again. That's how gloomily the Gatchina palace looks from the opposite side. 

Beginning from next album it'll be snowing on our pages…
And the same as last year I'll try to do a special New Year's edition. 


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