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Album 26 - Back to Peterhof
(Translated by Light)


Last time I promised to show you a suburb you haven't seen yet. I lied :) I decided to take advantage of the last summer days and take some pictures of Peterhof in its greatest beauty with fountains and landscapes. We've been there in winter but in summer the place looks so much better.

Nowadays you can go to Peterhof by a double-decker, which starts from the Baltic railway station every hour. The bus passes Strelna and lots of other picturesque places on the way

sep06_01.jpg (22241 bytes) The Upper Gardens Entrance. The Great Palace is in the background. Actually, in Peter the Great's time there was only the central part of the Palace. All the rest was build by Rastrelli later on.
We're coming closer… sep06_03.jpg (24849 bytes)
sep06_05.jpg (25986 bytes) sep06_21.jpg (24126 bytes)
The Palace outbuildings. The trace of an airplane in the sky seems to bend around the cupola.
And this is the Lower Gardens facing the Gulf.
The Marly Palace and the Pond.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

sep06_07.jpg (31724 bytes)
sep06_08.jpg (25866 bytes) The Menagery fountain. To the left ;-)

xref.gif (538 bytes)

The Hermitage hiding on the Gulf-shore. sep06_10.jpg (28885 bytes)
sep06_22.jpg (41052 bytes) Samson tearing apart the crocodile jaws.

And a tortoise indifferently turning its back to them both.

sep06_23.jpg (21184 bytes)

A piece of the Lower Gardens panorama. sep06_24.jpg (27533 bytes)
sep06_26.jpg (38744 bytes) sep06_25.jpg (29993 bytes)
The Roman fountain in a bit mysterious lighting. There are no special effects used, which reality sometimes surpasses.
The same fountain to the right, but far more casual.
The Piramid fountain. It consists of 500 tubes throwing the water up to different heights. sep06_27.jpg (37043 bytes)
sep06_29.jpg (44666 bytes) The Monplaisir palace. In the garden near it there is a bench with a fountain (I mentioned in the previous winter album). The fountain goes live unexpectedly, to the great children's pleasure ;-)
I wish I knew this girl's name.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

sep06_31.jpg (47286 bytes)
sep06_11.jpg (35005 bytes) We are approaching the Great Cascade - the most famous Peterhof fountain.
A rare sight - tiny rainbow in the fountain ... sep06_13.jpg (39227 bytes)
sep06_15.jpg (31894 bytes) sep06_12.jpg (46543 bytes)
The Great Cascade and Samson in all their glory.
The view from the Great Palace on the canal flowing half-hidden by the trees to the Finnish Gulf. Years ago one could go up the canal right to the Palace in a small boat. sep06_20.jpg (48770 bytes)
sep06_34.jpg (30297 bytes) The Cottage Palace.
It is situated in the Alexandria Gardens as well as the Chapel(below), to the right of the Great Palace and the fountains(if you stand facing the Gulf) The park is more of the English kind, it slightly resembles Pavlovsk.
One of beautiful buildings I know nothing about - there are a lot of them in Peterhof Gardens surroundings.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

sep06_32.jpg (37919 bytes)
sep06_33.jpg (26014 bytes) The Gothic style architecture of this Chapel seems to have come out of some sci-fi movie.

Autumn is coming. The green leaves will soon turn yellow and fall down.

Some additional comments to Camera N23, please take a look


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