Wandering Camera

Album 27
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


This time - Malaya Konushennaya, Universitetskaya embankment and a couple more shots. 


jul25_20.jpg (26652 bytes) Policeman.

The sign says that the monument was established here temporarily in order for citizens to evaluate it. Later it'll be moved to the permanent place.

According to the solidity of the base, it'll remain for the next monument.

Panorama of Malaya Konushennaya. My attitude to the new look of this street is ambivalent. On the one hand - it's clean, trees were planted. From the other - it resembles Arbat now :-) jul25_21.jpg (27390 bytes)
jul25_22.jpg (24958 bytes) Clock, in the same place. Established on the moneys of one famous bank.

The sign says something like "Sorry, the clock is out of order".

Sculpture exhibition :) jul25_23.jpg (27716 bytes)
jul25_24.jpg (30013 bytes) Monument to Gogol. 

In my presence this monument was called "the Old Witch in mourning", what partially meets the situation :-) 

There is a long list of sponsors in the tablet on the side. A good idea of one of the emperors comes to mind in connection with this. He put out the message around the city that the name of each of those who give money for construction of the Savior on the Spilled Blood cathedral will be immortalized. He even ordered the slabs. 

Without a doubt, the slabs remained blank :)

Here, to the sphinxes I came on purpose, in order to make the next couple of shots. sep24_08.jpg (21798 bytes)
sep24_02.jpg (30734 bytes) Everyone saw sphinxes at the embankment, but the griffins - near them, right at the water, - I think, by far less. 

For one's orientation - there is scaffolding of the Academy of arts in the background.

En face… sep24_05.jpg (19370 bytes)
sep24_15.jpg (29982 bytes) View from Birzhevoy bridge. I've seen similar on the postcard very long ago - when I was passing by, could not resist the temptation :)
The Bronze horseman in the evening sep05_01.jpg (11405 bytes)

There is one more suburb of Saint-Petersburg in the next album…


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