Wandering Camera

Album 22
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today, on this beautiful sunny day, Vladimir Beshenkov, to whom we owe plenty of amendments and comments to the albums, had dragged me out to Pavlovsk.
Inasmuch as this place is really worth to be seen, I apologize for nearly a double exceeding in the number of pictures. I suppose they're worth it, even if it were partially :-) 


jun28_03.jpg (33870 bytes) The "Pil-tower" pavilion. The walls are painted that oddly quite deliberately, painted windows are seen in some places when coming close to it. 
A some sort of damming with a cascade is constructed under the bridge over Slavyanka river - something like a small DNEPROGES (Dneproges power plant) :-)
The mausoleum. As it was seemingly intended by the creator, the entourage and the construction itself cast a gloom. 

On the whole, this part of the park (where Mausoleum is the only architectural construction, by the way) assumes the name of "New Silvia".

jun28_04.jpg (40492 bytes)
jun28_05.jpg (40144 bytes) It's not that easy to get to Mausoleum from the place from where the previous shot was made (unless pushing your way through the overgrown ravine). The path greatly meanders across the forest, then all of a sudden such obscure gate appears on the way, definitely so as to finally dispose the traveler to the same dismal thoughts :-)
Here's the Mausoleum itself, finally. 
Vladimir Beshenkov (about 185 centimeters height) is standing there on the purpose to show the size of the construction.
jun28_06.jpg (31628 bytes)
jun28_07.jpg (13790 bytes) There's a completely empty (unless the monument in the shot), poorly alight through the walls cracks hall. 

Through hearsay, there used to be a lamp reminiscent the burial urn on the hanging down chain. 

Fragment of the ceiling and the upper base of the columns.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that here the square base of the columns often goes beyond the building boundaries unlike the most buildings in Petersburg. 

By the way, the architect is Toma de Tomon (the author of the Exchange building at the Vasilievsky island spit).

jun28_08.jpg (27191 bytes)
jun28_10.jpg (29386 bytes) jun28_28.jpg (38038 bytes)
The Rose pavilion. To all appearances it got its name owing to the great number of roses growing at its entrance.

It was entirely built anew (since it was burnt by the germans during the war).

jun28_13.jpg (23107 bytes)
jun28_11.jpg (20697 bytes) jun28_12.jpg (23283 bytes)
The Rose pavilion consists of the main building (at the previous shots) and the hall which was built on later (its interior decoration is seen in the shot on the right). 

By the way, in contrast to the Letny (summer) garden, for instance, the sculptures in the Pavlovsk park are nearly all bronze.

jun28_14.jpg (41395 bytes)
jun28_15.jpg (38024 bytes) "In honor of Parents" pavilion.
The Temple of Friendship.  jun28_18.jpg (30869 bytes)
jun28_19.jpg (24637 bytes) A lion on the top of the Italian staircase. He turned away from the splendid scenery below, as if he's tired to look at it :)
The Pavlovsk palace. Taking pictures inside it would require no longer 36 shots but ten times more as minimum, I recommend to visit it. 
5 or 6 halls are promised (as Vladimir says - have been promised for 5 years) to be opened in a month. As for the rest - it's very beautiful and interesting.
jun28_20.jpg (23900 bytes)
jun28_21.jpg (33664 bytes) Also a fragment of the palace. There was supposed to be a wall with realistic (through hearsay) paintings of the columns, galleries right behind these columns, but now it's fully ripped off for restoration :(
A bridge with Centaurs, Pavlovsk palace is in the background.
jun28_23.jpg (36664 bytes)
jun28_26.jpg (33734 bytes) Pavilion of the "Three Graces" in the Private Garden of the palace.
The Rossi pavilion. jun28_27.jpg (41618 bytes)
jun28_29.jpg (31102 bytes) A local dweller has favored the offer to have her photograph taken for the album :-)
A landscape in the White Birch area. Even though it reminds of a forest, in reality the vegetation is planted and is maintained in this form artificially.  jun28_30.jpg (20184 bytes)
jun28_31.jpg (35486 bytes) "Round dance of the Birches" at the same place.
The Novosilviysky (New Silvia) bridge. jun28_35.jpg (41415 bytes)
jun28_36.jpg (43767 bytes) The "Round Hall" pavilion.
And it's the last shot in our journey around the parks of Pavlovsk today. 

And that's all for today :-) 
Don't forget to take a look at the comments to the previous album.


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