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Additional comments to album 21
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)

(comments by Vladimir Beshenkov (in color), amendments (in print) - by me, i.e. Peter Sobolev).


xref.gif (538 bytes) A desolate building (my27_31.jpg)

"A desolate but a very interesting building" at Poltavskaya - it's a Temple in the memory of 300th anniversary of the house of Romanovs (in the 30s it was deprived of its domes). Built by the architect S.S. Krichinsky in 1911-14 in the forms of the church art of building of the 17th century of Rostov and Yaroslavl. It had the upper (to the Fedorov icon of the Mother of God) and the lower (to the saint Alexander Nevsky) churches. The profitable house of emir Bukharsky at Kamennoostrovsky and a complex of buildings of Fedorovsky town in the Tsar's village are the other famous constructions of this architect.

The lower church of the cathedral is devoted to the saints Mikhail Malein and Alexander Nevsky. The branch of the Gorodetsky monastery was also situated at the territory of the cathedral.

xref.gif (538 bytes) The Lavra Gates (my27_29.jpg)

Not everyone knows that it's not just gates of the Alexander-Nevskaya Lavra depicted here but also the above-gates Church to the Mother of God "the Joy of All who Sorrow". By the way, the name "Lavra" was given to the monastery in 1797 as acknowledgment of the fact that it's one of the most privileged monasteries of Russia. 

Troitsky cathedral (the dome of it is seen at my27_11.jpg) was built in 1776-90s. by Ivan Egorovich Starov (the author of Tavrichesky palace)..

xref.gif (538 bytes) A small tower (my27_03.jpg)

The small tower is one of the crypts of Lazarevsky cemetery (necropolis of the XVIII century). The reason it stands out in architecture is because the customers didn't care a straw about it. They wanted the crypt to resemble byzantine churches. The following constructions are made in the similar style:

*The church to the Mother of God the Merciful (at the end of Bolshoi prospect, V.I. - building 100)
*The cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (at Novodevichy Monastery - Moscovsky pr., building 100, behind the monastery, near the cemetery). 
*The Naval Cathedral in Kronshtadt and other.

xref.gif (538 bytes) The Church of Annunciation (my27_09.jpg)

The Annunciation church is seen in the photo, it's built in 1717-25 according to Domenico Trezini project. The lower temple is called the church of Annunciation of the Theotocos, and there is a church to the Saint Alexander Nevsky one story higher.


(C) Петp Соболев


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