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The 21st album - Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra


Alexandro-Nevskya Lavra is situated at the end of the Nevsky(Staro-Nevsky) prospekt. Long time ago, when they were making a vista, working from both ends at once, workers missed a little bit. Right near the Vosstania square there is a crook, which devides Nevsky and Staro-Nevsky prospekt.


The main entrance.

In fact, besides the monastery, there is also a cathedral, two necropolis, where many famous poets, artists and scientists are buried, and two cemetries - one inside the monastery, the other outside the wall, near Neva. 

my27_29.jpg (26309 bytes)
my27_03.jpg (21802 bytes) A small tower to the left of the main entrance. Must be build inside the necropolis. Style is a bit different from others.

Right behind the gates there is an alley (so to say) between two necropolis.

Reminds me of the quiet narrow streets of Tallin.

my27_04.jpg (37786 bytes)
my27_09.jpg (25847 bytes) my27_26.jpg (23347 bytes)
A view from the bridge, which is after the alley, at one of the monastery outhouses. This is the bridge itself ...
Mixture of different styles is a distinctive feature of Lavra. 

my27_05.jpg (32314 bytes)
my27_11.jpg (23088 bytes) The cupola is almost the same as the one of Kazansky cathedral, except for the colours.
my27_20.jpg (28694 bytes) my27_16.jpg (24830 bytes)
my27_18.jpg (31451 bytes) The monastery and the cathedral.
Evening, silence, one can saldom meet monks, tourists and natives, who take a shortcut through the monastery to the city center ...
my27_17.jpg (46142 bytes) my27_21.jpg (29721 bytes)
A few architectural details


Desolate, but very interesting building not far from the Vosstania square and Poltavskaya street.

It is the Fedorovsky cathedral (architect Stepan Krichinsky, 1913).
The cathedral was built for the 300 years anniversary of Romanov's tsar dynasty

my27_31.jpg (24864 bytes)
Same building, before Revolution (~1913..1916)
Same place - Petersburg kind of the Kremlin wall :-) my27_33.jpg (20413 bytes)
my27_35.jpg (32479 bytes) It decorates the entrance to one of the not-so-special buildings on the other side of Staro-Nevsky prospekt. 

Next album will be a special one :) 



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