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The 20th album - The City day


Today is the City day and our fest the 20th album. In Petersburg, like in London there is no climate, only weather, but I still managed to take a few interesting pictures - there was a parade of military orchestras from different countries. 


my30_07.jpg (32387 bytes) Here is one of them, marching over the Anichkov bridge.
Near the Gostiny dvor.

I wish I could record the music. It was all other the Nevsky prospekt. People crowded almost everywhere. 

my30_13.jpg (28289 bytes)
my30_15.jpg (32592 bytes) Russian flag to the right has nothing to do with the american orchestra on the picture :) 
my30_17.jpg (35290 bytes) my30_19.jpg (25629 bytes)
my30_18.jpg (42421 bytes) my30_20.jpg (41871 bytes)
Americans are funny. When their orchestra stopped, a few people broke ranks and started dancing near applauding people, pose before the cameras and sang something obviously not military style ;-)
my30_22.jpg (49939 bytes) Our own patchy, but proud orchestra …
... going from Nevsky to the Palace square my30_23.jpg (37808 bytes)
my30_24.jpg (39478 bytes) Now the Russians are dancing on the Palace square. I guess it is even more impressive than the Americans. 
The "Hersones" sailing ship has docked near the Lt.Shmidt bridge.  my30_30.jpg (30627 bytes)
my30_28.jpg (22885 bytes) Neptune against the sea background. I guess he looks a bit shabby cause the public ponds are not looked after properly :-)

That's it ...

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