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Additional comments to album 17
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

(comments by - Viktor Varganov, correction (like that) - mine, i.e. Petr Sobolev.
more comments by Vladimir Beshenkov - colored)


xref.gif (538 bytes) Repina street (a27_05.jpg)

Repina street in your seventeenth album is the narrowest street in Petersburg. Before (1871-1952) it was called Solovievskii lane. And even earlier (1830 - 1871) - Pesochnyi (Sandy) lane. It is a little longer than 500 meters, and its average width is 5.6 m.

Here is another view of that street that I did not put in the album:

a27_06.jpg (31227 bytes)

xref.gif (538 bytes) A column (a27_09.jpg)

The unknown monument in the парк of the Arts Academy is a granite column that was discarded during the works of interior decorations of Kazan cathedral. It was set up first in the Academy's courtyard (as was suggested by Voronikhin) at its 50th anniversary, and transferred to the park in 1840-s by architect Brullov, who changed its pedestal and chapiter.

xref.gif (538 bytes) А pavilion (a27_19.jpg)

The unknown pavilion on Bolshoi prospect is really a chapel ( by the way, I think it's written above the entrance). Unfortunately I can't say which church it belongs to.

Unknown building-chapel on Bolshoi prospect is likely to belong to the building of the hospital of the Finnish regiment that stands nearby.

xref.gif (538 bytes) Academy of Arts (a27_08.jpg)

It would be great if you could get into the Academy building, go up the main stairs and take a picture of the round (!) courtyard through the large windows looking onto it. The courtyard is rather neglected, but still very beautiful, created by Vallen De la Mothe and A.F.Kokorinov).

"Hieroglyphs" on the facade of the Academy are the symbols of "the three main arts" corners, hammers, brushes and palettes together with chaplets and images of the sun).

Sorry, I didn't go inside. But here is the frame where the hieroglyphs are seen better:

a27_10.jpg (32480 bytes)


(C) Петp Соболев


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