Wandering Camera

Album eighteen
(Translated by D. Mosesian)


Today we are going to be walking on water :)
On a boat, that I first saw when walking in Peter and Paul fortress.
We will go towards Palace embankment via Winter channel, then down Moika, Krukov channel, up Griboedova channel, Fontanka and again across Neva towards Peter and Paul. Altogether 30 rubles and takes one hour.


my09_01.jpg (22901 bytes) Neva bank. Neva gates of Peter and Paul fortress.
It's very windy on the river...

Arrow of Vasilievskii island as seen from the middle of Neva.
Between rostral columns on your left - building of former Stock Exchange.

my09_05.jpg (32401 bytes)
my09_07.jpg (28014 bytes) Going under Hermitage bridge into Winter channel
Winter channel proper. Far on the left you can see the needle of the Peter and Paul cathedral my09_08.jpg (28819 bytes)
my09_11.jpg (28389 bytes) my09_12.jpg (33387 bytes)
my09_13.jpg (27643 bytes) Moika and its banks.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

Rather unusual frame - we are going under the Blue bridge (the widest bridge in Petersburg, between Mariinski Palace and St. Isaac square) my09_15.jpg (20186 bytes)
my09_18.jpg (38954 bytes) New Holland. Interesting how the color of the water changes because of the reflections of the trees.

Moika is going to the left, Kriukov channel - to the right.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

my09_19.jpg (26386 bytes) my09_20.jpg (29341 bytes)
Same place as seen from different spots - color of the water is completely different. New Holland is on the background.
my09_21.jpg (31663 bytes) Mariinskii theater
A building on the embankment of Kriukov channel

xref.gif (538 bytes)

my09_23.jpg (41787 bytes)
my09_25.jpg (22090 bytes) Turn from Kriukov channel towards Griboedova channel.

Old Nikolskii bridge.

my09_27.jpg (39406 bytes) my09_28.jpg (26207 bytes)
Griboedova channel..

Out of six passengers of the boat two are filming with camcorders and two, including myself, are photographing with cameras.:)

Lions bridge.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

my09_29.jpg (34102 bytes)
my09_31.jpg (29543 bytes) Griphins near Financial College. Not long ago they got their wings gilded anew ;-)

The bridge, also across Griboedova channel, is called the Bank bridge.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

On the left - Kazan cathedral, far ahead you can see the Savior on Blood cathedral. my09_32.jpg (27732 bytes)

That's all. By the way, if anybody has a boat we could make more interesting pictures. Unfortunately when moving with the speed offered by the captain of this boat I did not have time even to look around, not mentioning choosing the right angle for the picture...

There are some additional comments to the previous albums now.


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