Wandering Camera

Album seventeen
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Hot and muggy day. +22 is not very appropriate for April. And the thoughts are consistent with environment :)
For this time  I set an unusual goal for myself - to try to show the inside of Vasilievskii (St. Basil) island rather than its avenues and embankments as it is usually done...


a27_02.jpg (24281 bytes) On your left - the building of the former Stock Exchange, on your right -Kunstкamera. Its tower is not restored yet unfortunately ;( ...
...and the line of lions, saddened by that fact a27_03.jpg (31527 bytes)
a27_04.jpg (39598 bytes) Grill around Shevchenko square. On the right side it is most likely the rust rather than a different paint. :)
Once you entered one of those narrow cobblestone streets you are transferred in a different world.
It's very quiet. The noises of the big city do not penetrate in here, in those small squares where children and dogs are playing, it seems without even knowing about the existence of the outer world...

Repina street

a27_05.jpg (23626 bytes)
a27_07.jpg (17352 bytes) A cat, peacefully watching the life outside. Only appearance of the photographer seems to make it doubt slightly the predictability of life.   :)
"Backyard" of the Academy of Arts. An interesting detail - above the portico, immediately under the cornice, there is a row of signs that resemble hieroglyphs (hardly seen on the photo) - does anybody know what do they mean ?

a27_08.jpg (31379 bytes)
a27_09.jpg (33283 bytes) Same place, behind the Academy of Arts - a monument unknown to me, without any signs on it.

a27_12.jpg (28498 bytes) a27_11.jpg (16814 bytes)
The sign is talking for itself (it says - Level of water on 7th of November 1824) Far ahead - Lt. Schmidt embankment, you can also see the opposite shore of the river.
The service, offered by this company (at least as I understood it when I red the sign for the first time) touched me deeply (the sign says - computer, stand, destruction, convergence) :) a27_13.jpg (26492 bytes)
a27_14.jpg (36315 bytes) a27_16.jpg (26066 bytes)
A church on Lieutenant Schmidt embankment. It's combined with a store of analogous polarity - it looks like they are not afraid of Doomsday here :)
a27_18.jpg (16971 bytes) There is something in common between this animal and the mentioned above cat. But it barks pretty loud, and there is no grille on the window. I better hurry :)
A building on Bolshoi prospect unknown to me.

a27_19.jpg (25767 bytes)
a27_21.jpg (13560 bytes) Could not resist taking picture of the Gulf.

I'll try as soon as I can to take a walk on the other side of the island, to complete the picture.


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