Wandering Camera

Album sixteen
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

We've got news - Sergei Tikhomirov offered to supply gradually additional comments, more academic in character than mine, to some of the pictures .
Various historic facts, dates, names.
Myself, and you too, perhaps, will correct him from time to time. :)
To look at the comments press the button "xref.gif (538 bytes)" near the picture.
Some additional work for me though, but ..

OK. The weather is fine today :-)


a03_19.jpg (35162 bytes) Vladimirskii Cathedral near the subway station "Vladimirskaia".

Not far from Tuchkov bridge there is another Vladimirskii Cathedral (album six).
On the map it's called prince-Vladimirskii, although on the sign on it it's not mentioned
Resemblance is not limited to the title. Even the style of towers is very similar.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

a03_01.jpg (26506 bytes) a03_06.jpg (42284 bytes)
Close-up of the belfry of the Cathedral xref.gif (538 bytes), and the Cathedral proper
Kuznetchnyi market a03_09.jpg (20935 bytes)
a03_11.jpg (29930 bytes) Among the multitude of almost identical buildings on Marata street where I was walking this one looked interesting.
Gorokhovaia (previously Dzerzhinskogo) street. Behind the building - Fontanka river.

(538 bytes)

a03_13.jpg (27318 bytes)
a03_15.jpg (37338 bytes) Quiet little street near Fontanka. Interesting square - surrounded on all sides by virtually windowless buildings.
Five corners. On far right - Vladimirskii Cathedral

xref.gif (538 bytes)

a03_17.jpg (33091 bytes)
a11_03.jpg (33016 bytes) And this is already on the other side of Nevskii prospect.
Mikhailovskii Castle. Looks like they started its restoration from the staircase. :) Everything else still looks terrible.

xref.gif (538 bytes)

Mikhailovskii Garden and Russian museum, hidden behind the trees. a11_05.jpg (40476 bytes)
a11_07.jpg (34605 bytes) Mikhailovskii Garden again . Pavilion.
The same pavilion, but this time as seen from the other side of the Moika river. a11_14.jpg (36036 bytes)
a11_09.jpg (24489 bytes) Nizhne-Lebiazhii (Lower-Swan) bridge across Moika. On the background - not yet Summer, but already not quite winter, Garden :)
a11_13.jpg (25671 bytes) a11_12.jpg (16127 bytes)
The lamps on that bridge, restored since last fall. . The guild is shining under the spring sun.
Classic view. Piter and Paul fortress, picture taken from Troitskii (Trinity) bridge.

(538 bytes)

a11_17.jpg (19349 bytes)
a11_20.jpg (19240 bytes) On the border of light and darkness...

A wall of Peter and Paul fortress.

A little farther along the wall a few people are taking the sun under rather strong wind and air temperature of +2 C. I didn't take the picture to save their nerves and my camera :)

Ice motion .. The couples, crowded on the Palace bridge, are watching the ice cakes floating slowly towards the Gulf. a11_24.jpg (24906 bytes)
a11_28.jpg (24402 bytes) They say that a few years ago something was installed up the river to brake the ice. Since then there is no real ice motion anymore, with large banking ice cakes..
It looks like the girl has decided to join the ice :) a11_29.jpg (23951 bytes)

Good luck!


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