Wandering Camera

Album 159
(Translated b
y Ingerid Maria Opdahl)


Although the Wandering Camera has not finished with winter yet ;), I go fast forward to show you some photographs made on 26 and 27 May, on City Day-St. Petersburg 299 years. Later I will probably move this album into the Spring section.


City Day in St. Petersburg is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday in May, although the founding anniversary officially is on the 27th.
As in earlier years, the holiday started with a procession of military brass bands along Nevsky Prospekt. In fact, this year there were few of them. I remember when I photographed the parade last time, bands from many countries participated, while this time, they came exclusively from countries of the former Soviet Union.

Anyway, they played well.

On the photograph: The band of the higher military academies.

The men with name boards, who marched in front of all the bands, were accompanied by beautiful girls (all in stupid hats:).

I have to say that however beautiful they were, in front of a military band they looked rather out of place. Thinking logically, one could easily imagine the next stages in their attracting extra spectators...

For some reason, I came to think of the film "Nastya".

The sunshine wasn't perfect for photos, but it was comfortable for the musicians...
There were many spectators...
...Every 3-4 metres, there were military students and police. Probably to keep the public (and especially photographers and cameramen) from jumping out to fraternise with the bands and hinder their march :)
The band of the Suvorov Academy.
An example of how one can distort reality without any photomontage. What is this, if not a disruption of the parade by special vehicles?
While at the second glance, it's very simple.

It's still interesting, though, is there really that much dirt after the military bands?

Nearby, there was a "ice cream feast". It was sold at discount prices, and the public in general took advantage of this.
And on the Neva between the Troitsky and Dvortsovy Bridges, ten or so yachts had been let out.
Dvortsovaya Embankment, with Dvortsovy Bridge and Kunstkamera in the distance.
The fires of the Rostral Columns were lit even during the day (usually they are lit in the evening of big holidays).
To this was added the arrival of Putin and Bush in the city.

Because of this, they closed the city centre practically for the whole day. During one hour by the Strelka, we observed an endless stream of vehicles from the militsia, special services, and foreign cars, all because of the above mentioned persons' visit to the University.

By the Strelka, some sort of race was going on, but either it was a short one, or we only arrived in time for the finals.
At the Strelka there were also a concert (towards the evening) and different carnival parades with fireworks. But I will not describe them, as I wasn't there.

The weather was unusually beautiful.

The next day, the festival of opening the fountains was to take place. Strictly speaking, the fountains were already open (from 15 May, perhaps?), but a festival is a festival.

There was an ENORMOUS number of people. One had to stand in a long line to acquire tickets (even with at least 4 ticket stands open). However it was, we were late for the start.

Actually, it wasn't that significant, as it anyhow was impossible to see anything over the heads of the crowd, even with my height. In fact, this photo shows what was visible. Couples danced to some music, and above them, there were balloons tied into "worms".
As on the Nevsky, there were many military students there. Not even every few metres, but everywhere. That is understandable, all the lawns and flowers would have been trodden down in a second without them.
Apart from the dancing, there was a small fireworks display...
...with all sorts of smoke.

After the end of the display, people started to disperse across the park. But we stop here, as we haven't even finished winter :-)

By the way, for those who didn't notice yet, I recommend taking a look at the new album "Manholes of St. Petersburg and its surroundings".



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