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y Alexander Shetsen)


Today, I'd like to exhibit the right bank of the Neva between the Liteiny (Foundry) and the Troitsky (Trinity) bridges.
This is the segment comprised of the the Petrovsky and the Vyborg (Pirogovsky) Embankments.


On the left, you're looking at the Kutuzov Embankment, which also projects behind me.

That's where we'll be shooting from today.
In the distance you can see the Trinity Bridge and the Peter and Paul Fortress, both under restoration.

Our path leads us from the left to the right as we head to the Liteiny Bridge.

 As you can imagine, the water wasn't quite so blue, but why touch up such an artistic effect? :)

The building in the centre, erected in 1910 by the architect A.S. Khrenov, is the residence of the Russian President's Representative Plenipotentiary to the North-West Region. Before that, it used to be:

1910 onward - the mansion of Grand Duke Nikolas Nicholaevich Romanov the Younger;
1918 onward - the Brain and Psychological Institute;
1971 onward - the Limnology Institute of the Soviet Academy of Science;
1985-2000 - the Marriages Palace.

Among the trees to the right is the wooden House of Peter the Great. (It's inside the brick building, constructed to protect it from the elements).

The taller building in the background, right, is residential, and was built in 1964 by the architects V.F. Belov, A.A.Leiman, and A.V. Govorkovsky.

Another apartment block.
(Well, it used to be, I don't know what's in it now).

1938-1941, architects E.A. Levinson and I.I. Fomin.

The Nakhimov Naval Academy, before the Revolution the Peter the Great Public School.
1909-1910, architect A.M. Dmitriev. Cruiser Aurora, the TV Tower, and the Sampsonievsky (St. Sampsonius) Bridge. The Little Nevka River branches off under it. I should say that I've also taken some photographs of the Cruiser, which I'll put in a separate album.
The Leningrad Hotel (It's been renamed "St. Petersburg" along with the city. Can't imagine why :).

It was erected in 1967-1970 as projected by S.B. Speransky, V.E.Struzman, and N.V. Kamensky, on the former site (before the Revolution) the Museum of the Russian College of Surgeons.

A high-level city official said in an interview recently that (although he's got no connection to the Culture Committee) he thinks the hotel should be torn down, since its modern style doesn't fit well with the rest of the riverside panorama.

I wouldn't be surprised if the huge advertising displays on this building and its neighbours (which I've airbrushed away) are considered completely "in place"...

The Military Clinical Hospital. Originally put up in the time of Peter the Great by D. Trezzini, it was rebuilt in 1863-1873 and 1880 by the military engineer G.S. Voinitsky.

The object in the background is, in fact, the antenna of the Altai radio station

Detail of the hospital's central wing.
This is the Natural History Insitute of the Academy of Medicine and Surgery, built in 1858-1863. It was projected by I.D. Chernov, with the participation of V.F. Andrievsky and K.Y.Sokolov.

It's a little obscured behind the ramp to the Liteiny Bridge, which is just ouside the frame to the right.

And here's the bridge itself.

This is where we finish today's excursion.


I am pleased to announce that, in response to many requests, I've posted more than ten high-resolution photos.
They make good backgrounds or your desktop.



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