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Release 2.69.03 and update 2.80.01 are now available (DOS version only)!

QView now supports:

  • Viewing, programmable and manual editing of files, logical and physical disks, and also 1 Mb of memory in Text/Hex/Asm modes.
  • Built-in Alt/Win/KOI, and up to 4 user-defined enconding tables.
  • Support of analysis of headers of 'MZ', 'PE', 'NE', 'LE', 'LX' files.
  • Support of various LineFeeds.QView looks like
  • Viewing of boot record and MBR of disks.
  • Built-in i486/87 disassembler.
  • Built-in i486 assembler.
  • Tracing of transitions such as jmp/...
  • Commenting of a file in AV.
  • All operations with blocks.
  • Support of .CRK files.
  • Built-in calculator (Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin/Char).
  • Multitasking environment friendly.
  • Windows 95 long file names support.
  • ...and much more.
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