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QView is a Text/Hex/Asm powerful viewer for DOS.

 Main features of QView:

Unlimited size of viewed file in text/hex/asm modes (TV/HV/AV).
Boot record of logical drives and FDD view.
Master boot record of physical HDD view.
Memory, physical and logical drives dump view.
Fields highlighting in HV,AV and text highlighting in TV.
Support of Alternate, Windows and KOI-8 text encoding as well as a user defined.
LineFeed auto detect feature and on-fly change ability (TV).
The whole file editor in AV in codes and i486 assembler.
The whole file editor in HV in Hex/ASCII mode.
Changes save in .CRK-type file.
Current file update with the .CRK-type file information.
Creating new files, appending and truncating files ability.
Executable files header view support for:
 * MS-DOS 'MZ'.
 * Windows 95/NT 'PE'.
 * Windows, OS/2, DOS 4, etc. 'NE'.
 * Windows 95 'LE'.
 * OS/2 'LX'.
i80486/87 powerful disassembler.
The instruction comments are allowed in AV mode.
The file start base.
Support of jump on jmp/call/loop.../j.../etc. in disassembler.
Jump to offset in HV, AV.
Search engine:
 * search of any i486/87 instruction (mask is allowed).
 * search for jumps/calls/pointers to the current offset (AV).
 * ASCII/Hex [sub]string search (mask is allowed, case [in]sensitive).
 * ASCII/Hex [sub]string search and replace.
Block operations:
 * Save on disk as code/dump/assembler.
 * Read from disk to a file as code.
 * Delete/insert from/to a file.
 * A zero bytes block insert to a file.
 * Block of bytes delete feature.
A file recode function in the TV mode.
A powerful crypt system for the file encoding.
Built-in calculator (hex/dec/oct/bin/char).
9 bookmarks for each view mode.
Context depended help system.
Automatic views-history file support.
Views-history dialog for fast'n'easy file management.
Built-in filemanager.
Viewer colors override ability.
A file extensions depended setups.
Supported video modes are: 80*25, 80*30, 132*25, 132*30, etc.
Mouse support.
Time slices under the multitasking environment.
Memory requirements of about 90 Kb RAM.
Coded in assembler language.
External setup (binary config files).