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Now the only DOS version is available. Download it for free!

Public release of QView (ver.2.69.03, 26.06.1998):

Enlight server, Russia:   qview.zip  (177K)
Geocities server, U.S.A.:   qview.zip  (177K)
SAC FTP server, U.S.A.:   qview269.rar  (176Kb)
SAC FTP server, Slovakia:   qview269.rar  (176Kb)
SAC FTP server, Germany:   qview269.rar  (176Kb)
SAC FTP server, Italy:   qview269.rar  (176Kb)
SAC FTP server, Hungary:   qview269.rar  (176Kb)

What's new?Update to QView (ver.2.80.03, 05.03.1999):

Enlight server, Russia:   qv28003.zip  (79,1K)
Geocities server, U.S.A.:   qv28003.zip  (79,1K)
SAC FTP server, U.S.A.:   qv28001.rar  (67,2Kb)
SAC FTP server, Slovakia:   qv28001.rar  (67,2Kb)
SAC FTP server, Germany:   qv28001.rar  (67,2Kb)
SAC FTP server, Italy:   qv28001.rar  (67,2Kb)
SAC FTP server, Hungary:   qv28001.rar  (67,2Kb)

To update your copy of QView just replace its files with the downloaded ones.