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Album 93
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Last time we've been to Pavlovsk in the summer 1998. Three years later we'll take a look at the winter Pavlovsk.


Round hall.

Built in 1799-1800 by architects Ch. Kameron and V.Brenna. In 1836-1837 first in Russia railway was laid by this pavilion (now only glade remains).

They say that the russian word for railway station "vokzal" appeared as the combination of two words "vocal zal (hall)".

Pavilion was meant as a place for having concerts (concerts are carried out there now as well).

This time the pavilion was interesting for two cats, apparently local cats, which guarded it behind the fence. The one in the background kept aloof all the time. On the contrary, the black one - climbed the friends' backs quite readily and posed for pictures.
Viskontiev (Viskonti's) bridge in the valley of river Slavyanka (architects are V.Brenna and A.Voronikhin, stone works master is D.Viskonti. 1803).
(V.Brenna, 1795)

Authorship of remaining (restored in 1971) wall-paintings is by P.G. Gonzago, 1798. By the way, originally there was a thatch.

The tower's name descends either from the "pilnaya( in russian) mill" (water-mill) which formerly was situated here, or from the name of english boundary tower.

Friendship Temple- is also situated in the river Slavyanka valley
Ch. Kameron, G.P. Pilnikov (1782)
Павильон посвящен Екатерине II
Side doorway of the palace
I can't say anything about the lions, however, they remind me a little of their brothers from Angliyskaya (English) embankment.
View on the river Slavyanka valley.
There is a Cold bath-house in the left. And there is a palace in the right behind the trees.

You can see enormous quantity of ducks on the ice in the river curve.

And Cold bath-house was built in 1799 according to Ch. Kameron project
View on the valley and palace from the Colonnade of Apollon.
Bolshoi Kamenny (stone) bridge (built in 1790-93 by engineer Bouer).
Mausoleum of Paul the I (J. Toma de Tomon, 1808)

Formerly this building was called "Temple to Paul the I", "Monument to Paul the I".
In spite of the name they never buried anyone here (and were not going to do it). 

Railway station

Post-war building of soviet times by architect E.A. Levinson.

That's all about Pavlovsk for now. 
Also I offer you to see some results of my experiments with panoramic photography


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