Wandering Camera

Album 94
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today we'll walk along Krasnoye (Red (beautiful) ) village.
In spite of its name this place is a part of Saint-Petersburg (as for instance - Kolpino) and it's situated to the south from the city - half-way to Gatchina. There are quite enough modern buildings but I have ignored them. 


The largest building: "Mostotryad-19".
One of the two churches - Troitskaya (Trinity)

Mid XIX century, architect is A.I. Rezanov.

Clock and bars in the window, and also a back view on the church - it's under restoration

I liked burial service in absentia and shoe repair in particular (sign on the tablet offers it) 

In spite of similarity with former birds' nests, it's quite another occurrence. 

As I was suggested, these are ovaries - malignant growths from which branches grow in bunches. 

There are two monuments near the park:
One is to V.I. Lenin and the other - to the warriors who liberated Krasnoye village during Great Patriotic war.
Alexander Nevsky church. Sign on the tablet says:

"Construction of the church to Saint Pious Great Prince Alexander Nevsky started on the April 16, 1891 in the Life Guards Semeonovsky regiment area, in front of tsar's headquarters".

Consecration of the church was done by protopresbyter A.A. Zhelobovsky on the 7th of June, 1891.
On the occasion of consecration parade came about with participation of 1st foot guards division and 1st guards artillery brigade. Church was built on the means donated by freeman (merchant of the II guild), Platon Petrovich Sinebryukhov.

Church construction project was made up by military engineer-architect Vladimir Arkadievich Kolyankovsky".

The last paragraph is typed fine.

Let's go down - to the village.

On the way there we meet such a house (the only one of this kind)

There are remains of something odd near the house. Either gravestones, or lampposts..
Going further down

It's noteworthy that testing of the first in the world airplane of Mozhaisky structure took place on the August 1, 1882, in Krasnoye village, several kilometers from here.

This small house is evidently built in the style and color of the mentioned above church
It's correctly noticed concerning those who are not forgotten.

They are not the first, they are not the last…

No comments :-)

Nameless lake is seen in the distance.

As in the case with Pavlovsk, we'll finish the album with the railway station building (architect is V.V. Khazanov, 1951).



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