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(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


There are two churches situated at the small part of Bolshoi Sampsonievsky prospect - Sampsonievsky (Sampson) Cathedral with a bell-tower and a church to Anna of Kashin. 


Thus, Sampsonievsky cathedral.

Erected in 1728-1740 according to J. Trezini and I. Lapshin plan, jointly with M.G. Zemtsov (in 1730).

Larger scale...
Original windows in the tower are apparently decorative.
Originally there was a wooden church on the place of today's building which was devoted to russian army victory by Poltava (gained on June 27, 1709, the St. Sampson day). Stone building was erected later.
Sampsonievsky cathedral gave names to three streets - Bolshoi (former Karl Marx prospect) and Malyi Sampsonievsky prospects, Sampsonievskaya street (Bratstvo street formerly)
This railing is much similar to the Yekaterininsky (Catherine's) palace railing in Pushkin (the one facing the main yard)
Cathedral was recently restored though scaffolding is still seen in some places
There are several tablets with texts on the walls of the cathedral. Say, for example, two of them (translated, of course) :


Appeal of the emperor Peter the Great to his forces before Poltava battle:

"Warriors! It is the hour which will rule sway the destinies of the Homeland. You must not think that you fight for Peter, but for nation given to Peter, for your own clan, for Homeland, for our orthodox faith and the Church. You must not be embarrassed by the fame of enemy's invincibility, falsehood of which was refuted by your victories more than once. Let truth and God, your defender, be with you in the battle, remember that Peter does not value his own life, but let Russia, piety, glory and welfare live forever."

Welcome speech of the emperor Peter the Great to his forces after Poltava battle:

"Hello, sons of homeland, my beloved children!
I created you by the sweat of my works; state can't live without you as the body can't live without soul. Loving God, orthodox faith, homeland, glory and Me, you did not spare your lives and rushed to the thousands of deaths fearlessly. Your courageous deeds will be never forgotten by the descendants."

There is a gravestone-monument to the three statesmen, organizers of Volynsky plot against Biron, near the cathedral (they were arrested and put to death on June 27, 1740).

A.P.Volynsky was a cabinet-minister, A.F. Khrushov was a councilor of Admiralty establishment, P.M. Yeroshkin was an architect, main architect of the Saint-Petersburg building Commission.

Monument was established much later - in 1885 (sculptor is A.M. Opekushin).

View on Sampsonievsky cathedral from the park 
Once there were graves of Saint-Petersburg architects-constructors on the territory of this park, however they did not remain till our times, so now this fact is marked…
…with the monument "to First constructors of Petersburg" (authors are Mikhail Shemyakin and Vyacheslav Bukhaev). Sign on the right says (on the left it's apparently the same but in Latin):



If going farther along Sampsonievsky prospect you can see the church to Anna of Kashin (there was such a princess in ancient Russia).
Church was being built in 1901-1902 by architect Andreev and in 1907-1909 - by architect A.P. Aplaksin.
View on the church from the yard.
Dwelling wing, directly connected with the church, was provided by the project.

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