Wandering Camera

Album 91
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We'll continue our walk. We'll visit Shuvalovsky park now which is situated in Pargolovo, what's quite oddly.

Pargolovo is a small settlement within the precincts of the city. Its name comes from the former finnish village name "Parkolo". 


Shuvalovsky park almost joins the newly-erected buildings (starts right behind Suzdalsky prospect). It looks like forest but with paths, hills and ponds.
There are ponds "cap of Napoleon" and "shirt of Napoleon" dug in the territory of the park, named according to their forms :)

Now they are surely covered with ice and snow

Palace of the Vorontsovs-Dashkovs

Now its occupied by Scientific-research institute of r f currents, therefore everything is fenced in.

There is palace view from the park elevation of the building (from its back, simply saying) on the picture.

Some appearance elements
Desolation reigns behind the palace…
…however, there are people walking on the other side, and on the whole, everything is better-groomed.
This (and the following) houses are included in the term "the Shuvalovs estate" which was being built in the mid 19th - beginning of 20th century. That's all useful I can tell about it.
Estate is situated on the territory of Scientific Research Institute of r f currents as well as the palace of the Vorontsovs-Dashkovs, therefore, it's not available for closer examination. 
Church to Peter and Paul.

Built in 1831-1840 by architect A.P. Bryullov.

In spite of the gothic style the church is orthodox. It's under restoration now (there are evidently not enough turrets)
Modern gate with "birds of paradise" leads to the church.
Such a dacha is quite close to it.
Built in the end 1870s by architect M.E. Mesmakher for his brother G.G. Mesmakher
Letters "GM" are initials of the brother. What the year of  "1902" on the turret signifies is not known because the mentioned brother left Russia in 1897.
Further the road leads to the usual village
Though sometimes you come across rather interesting constructions
And this memorable stone, which we did not notice for some reason when entered, finishes this walk.

Stone was established in the honor of 500 village anniversary occurrence. The sign in the bottom says: "1500-2000".

We'll pay our attention to the center of Saint-Petersburg again in the next album.


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