Wandering Camera

Album 90
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


This and the following albums are devoted to the northern suburb of Saint-Petersburg - district Shuvalovo-Ozerki-Pargolovo. 

We'll start with Shuvalovo-Ozerki. 


Strictly saying, it's difficult to separate Shuvalovo from Ozerki. These are the names of the railway stations which are situated close to each other, and also the names of the places: "Ozerki" - comes from the three lakes ("ozero" is lake in russian). "Shuvalovo" comes from the name of the earls Shuvalovs (formerly they owned estate here).

Medium Suzdalskoye lake

People like to rest in Ozerki in the summer. However, in winter as well..

Good hill for fanciers of the extreme tourism:)
Though the city is quite close to this place (there are newly erected buildings in hundred - several hundreds meters from here), but there is a typical village - dachas - here, on the left side of Vyborg route.
Some of them are used by different public organizations.
Lower Big Suzdalskoye lake
There is a modern building on the other bank.
Quite a rare example of style signs presence (for this kind of buildings).
Savior-Pargolovskaya church

Built in 1876-1880 according to K.A. Kuzmin project

This church is built on the territory of Shuvalovskoye cemetery(in the picture), as well as the following one.

Sign says:


Church to Alexander Nevsky. Built in 1886 by the same K.A. Kuzmin.

Further we'll continue a walk upwards the map, having gone deep into the forest..


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