Wandering Camera

Album 89
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today I offer you to go for a little walk on the ice from Lenexpo (exhibition center) pavilions to the two towers called Crown-steeples. 


Marine terminal. Built in 1982 according to architect V.A. Sokhin project.
Boat under a funny name "COOL ALEX" by the marine terminal.
Monument to heroes from the torpedo boats - torpedo boat "Komsomolets"

Monument was established on the October 27, 1973 (this boat type was developed in 1944).

Stalin times building of unknown predestination - situated also on the territory of the exhibition complex. Yacht-club formerly, perhaps.
The main purpose of our walk is crown-steeples. It's quite problematically to walk there along the bank, therefore, I had to use a natural bridge
A "monument to the fisherman" - one might say :-)

(sign said: 'Walking to the ice forbidden')

It's a strong wind and a snowstorm on the gulf, however, it's utterly beautiful - even the picture depicts it a little.

I remember there was a good mask fur-lined with slits for the eyes in the museum of Arctic and Antarctic. The best one might need for such walks...

View on exhibition complex "Lenexpo" appears if you look back
Marine terminal with shipping - the other point of view
Port cranes. I tried to identify this place in the map - looks like it's Gutuevsky, Belyi and Kanonersky islands (we'll be there but a little later:)
Well, we are quite near to the crown-steeples. These wooden (formerly) towers were built in 1721-1723 by architect D. Trezini, and later on (in 1754) rebuilt in stone by architect M. Bashmakov. Presumably they marked the channel entry.
They look quite despondently. The one in the left is on the territory of "Priboi (surf)" factory - probably that's why it's fenced and in a relatively decent condition. Though the right tower looks deserted, it's visited by someone in fact. Further more, angry dog abides there, which, however, does not like walks on ice (to our delight).
There is Shkipersky (Boatswain) channel with freezed in it towboat between the towers :)

Similar to the one near the bank tablet "no walking on ice" sticks out from ice to the right from the tower (it's not in the picture), at that, the tablet faces the gulf. Perhaps, in order to remind those who are already on the ice not to go too far :)

As a matter of fact, that's all

We'll go beyond the bounds of the city in the following albums, but just a little 


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