Wandering Camera

Album nine
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

It's already 1998, but we shell stay a little more in 97 - at the time when there was no snow.
Let it be Petersburg at Night...


n15_06.jpg (18611 bytes) n15_17.jpg (22654 bytes)
Academy of Sciences Palace bridge, on your right - Winter Palace and Admiralty
n01_24.jpg () n01_27.jpg (42303 bytes)
Right across the bridge - the Winter Palace.
n01_26.jpg (33513 bytes) Winter Palace from Palace embankment. They've been restoring this place last summer, as far as I understood they were laying out the stone pavement

Tourists like very much to take pictures standing on the spotlights embedded in the pavement.:)

n15_24.jpg (17258 bytes) n01_18.jpg (13051
Palace square and the Arch of the General Headquarters. Spotlights on the roof light the Winter Palace from that side.
Alexander's column. Somewhere deep inside I have a strange feeling that these four lamps were not here before. n01_22.jpg (21722 bytes)
n15_22.jpg (20661 bytes) PLay of light and color...
Couldn't decide for long time whether to leave this frame or throw it away. Decided to leave.

Someone rebuked me for avoiding people in my photos. I don't know what to say. In any case I am not doing it deliberately (unless they block my view). Perhaps it's my subconscious.

Carrages, horses, umbrellas... n15_21.jpg (18262 bytes)
n01_23.jpg (16017 bytes) Admiralty.
(Winter Palace is behind us)
Admiralty, far ahead - Palace bridge.
Pleasant view, I even found some use for it :)
n01_16.jpg (21326 bytes)
n15_16.jpg (8221 bytes) I've never thought before that scaffolds can look so unusual. It may be hard to see on the photo, but in the rain, foggy weather the needle in scaffolds looks like a rocket on a launching pad.
Still Admiralty, but now from the garden n01_07.jpg (17157 bytes)
n01_12.jpg (35906 bytes) Arch and columns. The statue on top eyes you silently:)
If I'm not mistaken this is the Kapelle's building near the Palace square. n15_25.jpg (23123 bytes)
n08_05.jpg (19810 bytes) Troitskii (Trinity) bridge...
...and a street-lamp on it. An attentive viewer might recall seeing it in a daylight :) n08_13.jpg (10181 bytes)
o10_11.jpg (17988 bytes) o10_13.jpg (28214 bytes)
Russian museum. In the evening this is probably one of the most impressive places.

With this album we bid goodbye to the fall.

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