Wandering Camera

Album eight
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

So the 1997 ends. I can't say it was particularly happy for me, but there were some nice moments. I hope that in the New Year too there will be some among thousands of my guests who will be pleased to see my site again.
And meanwhile, let's see how St. Petersburg looks on the New Year's eve....


d23_13.jpg (24030
bytes) Christmass tree on Palace Square. It's a large tree, but if you take a few steps away it already seems small comparing to the surroundings...
But if you are near it - looks very decent ;-) d23_11.jpg
(31330 bytes)
d23_01.jpg (28613
bytes) New Year near Gostinnyi Dvor
New Year on one of two Konushennaia streets... d23_17.jpg
(22403 bytes)
d23_18.jpg (19835 bytes) ...and on the other too :-)
  New Year in a tea-room. The sign "State museum" is not about it, they just invite you to visit the museum :) d26_02.jpg (33182 bytes)
d23_19.jpg (22331
bytes) On many streets there were balconies decorated this way - balloons, little Christmas trees, lights. Rather pretty.
Special lighting of the horses on Anichkov bridge.
Looks slightly surreal..
(27831 bytes)
d26_04.jpg (37458 bytes) New Year in a store..
New Year near Kazan Cathedral.. d26_17.jpg (23840 bytes)
d26_10.jpg (28870
bytes) And this tree is exactly like one on the Palace square! That's the centralized celebration for you.
Literally a few days before the New Year the lighting of the Kazan Cathedral was finally turned on. A lot of colored lights. I recommend you to visit it. At the same time for some reason the lighting of the Palace bridge switched off, I wonder if they run out of batteries ;-) d26_09.jpg (25781 bytes)
d26_15.jpg (20159
bytes) A dome. It looks withered at day and the gilded top is almost not seen at all. But all is different in the light of a spotlight.
Another Christmas tree near Kazan Cathedral. Behind the spotlight - Dom Knigi (largest city bookstore). d26_13.jpg (17933 bytes)

That's it for this year. Happy New Year everybody! Good luck for you and your friends and relatives!

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