Wandering camera

Album ten
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Ten.. I don't like anniversaries. But it's worth mentioning - it's been already 4 month that I make you to look at these pages from time to time. I hope you like it ;-)


j31_03.jpg (17051 bytes) j31_06.jpg (25312 bytes)
I've decided to dedicate this issue to a single topic.
The place where the city started - St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress on Zaiatchii island.
Night. Street. Lamp. Pharmacy :)(quote from a wide known poem) j31_08.jpg (17190 bytes)
j31_07.jpg (32189 bytes) j31_14.jpg (25864 bytes)
j31_16.jpg (33125 bytes) j31_05.jpg (23633 bytes)
It's quite cold I should mention. So you can see only miserable cold foreign tourists, and sellers of souvenirs and pirozhki, wearing something in the folk style but obviously not suited for winter.
j31_10.jpg (20640 bytes) It's too early to say that the river is icebound, but it is already a bit cold for swimming. Perhaps in couple of weeks there will be a trail stamped across the river as usual..
Sometime long ago there were money here. Now only medals, it seems. j31_18.jpg (18145 bytes)
j31_24.jpg (18931 bytes) Peter and Paul Cathedral•

I have to say this - that building on your left is definitely out of style :)

The needle didn't fit on the previous frame, I just couldn't stand far enough. But here it is in all its beauty, at night though. Frankly speaking those spotlights are mainly lighting the clouds. j18_06.jpg (7460 bytes)
j31_20.jpg (32368 bytes) Here you can observe the grill of the Summer Garden :)
I wonder what is it doing that far from its native habitat?
A little " postcard-like " but nice anyway. j31_26.jpg (17926 bytes)
j31_31.jpg (20521 bytes) j25_02.jpg (19965 bytes)
On your left: grim Petersburg's fishermen are fishing near the fortress. The tactics is simple - fish is loosing its attention unaware that the catch is more important for them than their lives. IN the frame on your right you can see that less than a week ago (on the background) the waves were floating there..
Anyway, even now only about a half of the river is covered with ice and behind the Palace bridge there is not even a trace of it..
A wall of the fortress. Embrasures are temporarily out of service :) j31_28.jpg (12775 bytes)
j31_29.jpg (23574 bytes) It looks like someone had been languishing here in this dungeon..
j31_34.jpg (22328 bytes) j31_36.jpg (26440 bytes)

Snow glitters...
[skipped, I don't think I can translate poetry really]

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