Wandering Camera

Album 88
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)

 Thus, one more album with night shots


Malaya Sadovaya street.

Made not so long ago in the likeness of Malaya Konushennaya (that one, in its turn, - in the likeness of moscow Arbat street). Both streets are forethought as merely pedestrian. In the center of Saint-Petersburg (as well as Leningrad) they look quite oddly and mistakenly, on my opinion.

Yellow building at the end of the street is probably Mikhailovsky Manege(riding hall).
Arts square(ploschad Iskusstv) and receding into the distance Enginernaya street.
Arts square,5. Literary-artistic cafe "Wandering dog" was situated in the yard of this building in the beginning of 20th century.
Left wing of Mikhailovsky palace
Mikhailovsky palace (the Russian museum).
Circled in small flags car looks quite amusing.
It's not clear - either that's a prize for a million visitor or director of the museum is taking a night shift :)
View on Fontanka river from Anichkov bridge.
Trade rows (formerly) surrounding Anichkov palace are seen in the right.
Gostiny dvor (Merchant's yard)
View on Admiralty prospect from Alexandrovsky garden
Admiralty prospect again but observed from Isaac's square facing Palace square
Konnogvardeisky (mounted guards) manege (riding-hall).
Actually, it's not in the forest, it just came out this way :)
Isaakievskaya (Isaac's) square.
"Astoria" hotel, view from the Blue bridge (over Moika).

They had sufficient lamps only for the top of the tree :)

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Mariinsky palace
Tavrichesky garden viewed from the pond
Savior-Preobrazhensky(transfiguration) cathedral. This building was "renewed" (after the fire) according to Vasily Petrovich Stasov project in 1829.

Cathedral (burnt nowadays) was erected in the honor of Elizabeth's accession to the thrown (Preobrazhensky regiment which helped Elizabeth to make an overturn was quartered not far from here, it was well-reasoned by the following words:
"Whom do you want to serve faithfully? Either Me, sovereign by nature, or others, which have stolen my legacy unduly?").

I am still thinking about what will be next. But there are more than one albums for you before winter ends :-) 


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